Hateline: 1/7/15

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Best of 2014

Chelsea Handler’s Boobs

Snowboarding’s Dead

Put ’em in a coffin (R.U. @ Loon)

Old dude boardin’

Madonna Adopt Me

The Musical

Strange Brew

Hadar Farewell

Rendered Useless Trailer


  • Jesse Rand

    First comment, download my mixtape.

  • Ricky

    what are these numbers and arrows?

  • Justin’s bong


  • Slerm


  • The ice cream on Bridges’ stache

    shout out to mak dog’s hand job skillz

  • Dildo launcher


  • cat in hats

    For hats to see hat cat

  • YoReddit?

    Is there reddit gold to be had with these arrows?

  • Cornholio

    Brooke, this is horseshit. I can both downvote and thumbs-up the same comment.

    • Just trying out a reddit style app, but it doesn’t appear to be sorting anything. YoReddit may or may not happen.

      • TROOF


  • Chief Keef


  • iPad steve

    respond 50 times rite here if u wnt free iPod shuffle.. 120 times for an iphone4 .. If u can’t get an iPhone 6 l8ter u can’t

  • yoreddit

    is this reddit now?

  • dude


  • basshole

    welp, stan just compared himself to a mutated third world child. he is officially haterproof.