Snowboarding’s Dead: New England

Alex Andrews learns the truth. East Coasters are awesome.

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  1. What do I know
    What do I know says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and guess that his next stops are gonna include Big Bear, Brighton, Jackson Hole, Mt. Hood, Boreal, and anywhere else that has a commission shop.

    Not complaining, I love the edits but I can see where it’s going

    • BennettBrauer
      BennettBrauer says:

      If the east coast were a body part being used as a metaphor related to snowboarding, I’m pretty sure it’s the butthole.
      Most of us wouldn’t want to be up in it all day, but if your patient it’s fun from time to time. Ultimately, even though it’s pretty shitty, I’m glad it’s there doing it’s thing.

    • Hash Singing Slasher
      Hash Singing Slasher says:

      He kind of mumbled some incomprehensible words to me today. Maybe they were just noises… Either way he’s not mute. Confirmed.

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