Fan Mail: Women Do Not Snowboard to be Sexually Harassed


This weekend, Frenchman and France’s third-most famous boarder Arthur Longo posted an Instagram video of himself tapping the asses of ski bunnies as he rode by.  If you somehow missed it, better watch it now, it’s amusing:

Now we all had a good chuckle about this, reposted it, and then immediately forgot about as most people do in the Internet age. But apparently our readership is bigger than just 15 year old boys (and grown men who act like them.) In fact, it seems girls read this site now! Did you know they are allowed to snowboard? Anyway, while we’re being old fashioned, a few feathers have been ruffled by this video. And since we always like to let the people speak, here’s a letter from a (former) reader.

Dear Brooke,

I am writing this email to you in response to a video that Yobeat recently posted. It involves rider Arthur Longo being filmed slapping women on the ass while he’s on the slopes. Seriously? What the fuck? In the comments someone writes a comment that can be basically summed up as “he knows them, so it’s ok”. Nowhere in the video is it stated that he’s slapping female friends on the ass and not strangers. And who gives a shit if he does know them? I am so angry and disappointed that a company dedicated to the joys of riding would post a video that makes some riders feel like second class citizens. As a female rider, this video feels like a slap in the face. You may as well put up as banner on your page that says “Women riders don’t matter! Feel free to sexually harass them and touch their bodies without permission! Oh, but make sure to film it so we can post it and get a million likes on Facebook!” I work in the industry and i can tell you from personal experience that male riders heavily outweigh female riders; I’m sure that incidents like this contribute to that fact. Female riders don’t go the slopes to be sexually harassed. In fact, I’d say that most of them go there so they can forget about shit like that. To forget about their bad day, their shitty boss, the asshole creep on the street who told them to “smile, baby”. You should be teaching males to have respect for their female counterparts on the slopes, NOT that we are somehow there for their entertainment. Not that they can feel free to touch the private areas of our bodies without permission. I’m disappointed in you Yobeat. You have just lost a long-time supporter and I will absolutely be sharing this fucked-up blunder on your part. I expected more from you.

Angry and upset.

Five words we never thought we’d hear at Yobeat: “I expected more from you.”

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  1. basshole
    basshole says:

    loved the epilogue: “Five words we never thought we’d hear at Yobeat: “I expected more from you.”

    well played Brooke

  2. Since When
    Since When says:

    Is patting a girl lightly on the bum through ski pants and wearing a glove really sexual harassment? I’m sure none of the girls went home and cried about it after so grow a sense of humor and take the feminist bullshit somewhere else

  3. Burton employee
    Burton employee says:

    Start skiing you sour feminist. He’s French! Arthur Longo slapped my ass at a party last week, just to say hello, and we’re not even friends. Lighten up and embrace your inner lesbian. Also, get the fuck out of “the industry” you’re killing the vibe

  4. A Proud Caveman
    A Proud Caveman says:

    I’m down to see my woman barefoot, pregnant, and grilling me up some meat. With that said, I’d feed him his board rectally were he to touch one of my female spicy female companions with so little respect. I also chuckle at whiny, milk toast white knights. So thumbs down on the video, thumbs up on the butt hurt, and a thumb up Yobeat’s butt cause everything lists better in 3s.

  5. Jwhite
    Jwhite says:

    More importantly John Starks Rendered Useless early tease came out on snowboard mag, so hop on that shit

  6. Burritosandsnow
    Burritosandsnow says:

    Might as well write a protest letter to The Onion.

    I am however grateful to get the inside scoop from someone “in the industry” (ahem rent shop) that there are more male snowboarders than females.

  7. wut
    wut says:

    opinions aside, it is true that women are very outnumbered, and it is really disappointing that a fellow woman would use such a strong platform to allow degradation of someone who wrote a well-thought out, well-worded letter.

    • poopfrog
      poopfrog says:

      Yeah, regardless of my personal opinion, I think public shaming of Rachel just because she doesn’t agree with you is pretty whack.

  8. SteveBlakelysDreads
    SteveBlakelysDreads says:

    I’m just going out on a limb here but anyone with a vagina on this message board ever been to France? Italy? Mexico? Pretty sure a pat on the bum is the nicest thing you’re going to get unless you’re totally hideous. To add insult to injury the fucking video won’t play for me.

  9. Toaster
    Toaster says:

    No snowboarder girls were harmed in the making of this video.
    (Every single one of them was a skier)

    That being said, chill the fuck out your butt is fine, and these girls should be honored Arthur Longo would even grace their asses with his hand.

    • dog the bounty hunter
      dog the bounty hunter says:


    • hardwood is so stupid
      hardwood is so stupid says:

      yes, they were.
      one of her (white suit) says it in the video : she desagrees.
      So just shut up. None is honored by Arthur Longo if she doesn’t want it.

  10. Desiree Melancon
    Desiree Melancon says:

    oh please honey. We all go snowboarding in hopes for attention from men. Arthur rules. I wish he would slap my ass.

  11. Name
    Name says:

    I’m a female rider and thought it would just have been funny to respond back with a vid of grabbing dudes crotch sags hah

  12. RKFD
    RKFD says:

    This woman also gets mad if someone tries to lift her spirit by saying “smile, baby?” She must live a really hard life.

  13. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    well maybe if you stupid girls wouldn’t wear such tyte sexi pants on the slopez then us boizz would stop ass grabbin!!!!!!!! #gtfo

  14. pullandshout
    pullandshout says:

    Sounds like french people do care after all.

    Arthur Longo had pulled back his video. Probably been bawl out by his sponsors fo such gross behaviour.

    Funny to realize that Volcom, Van’s and Electric are feminazis ^^

  15. hardwood
    hardwood says:

    can’t women just take a compliment every once in a while?! those were conservative slaps by the way, ya gotta billy clinton em with a squeeze and ear bite!!

    • hardwood is so stupid
      hardwood is so stupid says:

      My hand on your face would be a compliment according to what I really want to do when you say that…

  16. Keith Duck
    Keith Duck says:

    When women develop style that isn’t like a usasa nugget falling leaf on the ‘slopes’ then and only then will I treat them as equal snowboarders… Just kidding you will still get harassed

  17. learntotakeajoke
    learntotakeajoke says:

    Wait woman can snowboard? Thought there feet were so small (so they could get closer to the kitchen sink) that they couldn’t strap in.

  18. Not a fan
    Not a fan says:

    Longo’s video was stupid, not even actually funny, and wrong. But the fact that Brooke Geery, (a woman) reposts it thinking it’s cool is even worse, and then tries to get laughs at someones actual discomfort is just kind of sick. What’s the point.

  19. dwdrat
    dwdrat says:

    Yo I showed this video to 2 snowboardin homies that are girls and Niether of them found it offensive it just some chicks are super sensitive of that shit lIke have a sence of humor girl come on!

  20. PressMyBox
    PressMyBox says:

    As a feminist myself, the whole ass-touching w/out consent is sexual harassment and is pretty fucked up but people need to realize that snowboarders and freeskiers are a fucking breed of their own and that trying to preach feminist values to them is generally a waste of time in a situation like this. What we CAN talk about is the piece of shit that tried to rape girls on the slopes in Colorado. There are more pressing concerns like that story than this fucking video which is clearly a joke.

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