Ted Borland Full Part – Think Thank Almanac

A severe Borland is imminent, please be advised.  Ted Borland’s big smooth style is expected to blanket the middle western states and much of the eastern seaboard with next level technical snowboarding and a natural flow like the Merrimack River.  With an epicenter of Salt Lake City Utah, Borland’s global effects will be felt from the peaks of The Summit at Snoqualmie to the shores of Maine.  Don’t venture outdoors without being fully aware of the Borland in your area. Then only when the fires of creative snowboarding are fully stoked and raging should you go shred.
The planets have aligned, the crops yielded their bounty, the charts were correct and our snowboarding predictions have come to pass! This is the Think Thank Snowboarding Almanac 2014; spins, slides, styles, monsoons, slashes, nourishment, motels, Delores, barley refreshment, galaxies, friendship, drought and the body’s humors all played out in the pantheon of snowboarding. Buy The Movie Here
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