Weekly of Weird 6.1

Japan’s Weekly of Weird has been hands down my favorite web series for the past six years. In the first installment of  the hilariously bad subtitled webseries, Doggy and his side kick London head to Big Bear to get their feet under them and indulge in American fast food.

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  1. LAME
    LAME says:

    This edit pretty much killed it. Lets see like way more of this and way less of the shitty rail edits that are usually offered up as fare around here.
    One question though still bugs….why the fuck would you leave the deep pow of Japan to come to America–let alone Bear Mtn for fucks sake!?!? Of all the resorts? Really?
    Mammoth, Snowbird, Bachelor, Baker, Vail?? Bear Mtn………..
    Tourist thing I guess.

    • toy robot
      toy robot says:

      Park’s are pretty ordinary in general over there,especially rail wise.Not a lot of sunny days through most of the winter either. Dudes probably wanted to hit some rails in the sun,and eat carls jr.

  2. Smoneyg
    Smoneyg says:

    I’m engaged to a Japanese woman and soon to be married into a Japanese family. Shit like this is exactly why that’s gonna be the sickest shit ever. It’s also the only reason why it is acceptable that my first sons middle name is going to be kazuhiro (Kazu). It’s seriously my father in laws real name. The Japanese are too rad.

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