#Soderzac 2.2: The Soder Sweats Remix

I would basically watch anything when Remix to Ignition is playing. Is that bad?

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  1. mc kush
    mc kush says:

    People are obviously going to hate on this because it’s from Colorado but Zach seriously fucking kills it on a snowboard.

  2. Toaster
    Toaster says:

    any place where there are a lack of females
    (summit county, hood,etc) is like a breeding facility for above average riders because they don’t have any distractions….that being said that doesn’t mean every dude in these places kills it, its just more likely

    • ColoradoBlowcaine
      ColoradoBlowcaine says:

      You’ve obviously never been to Breck. There’s always a gaggle of of drunk girls with low esteem at Cecilia’s and Liquid Lounge. Just make sure to bag it up, half of them have crabs.

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