The Search with Wiley Tesseo

Apparently not everyone wants to watch rail edits, and if that’s you, here’s some good powder boarding and jumping from the NuuLife crew.

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  1. true whistler.
    true whistler. says:

    @OG, never was a beast in the park. rode the coat tails of dave roleau and mcclatchy and the rest of the gnarcore boys. WONT be a legend. WILL BE FORGOTTEN like the rest of the average crappy sponsored boarders. #ripzone or #ripcurl…whatever the d bag is sponsored by….. him and his gay bum buddy beau bishop can go blow each other on their 154 track skidoos in the backcountry and eat spinach dip at earls. #nolimitssports. huge h omos. give it up.

    • jeez
      jeez says:

      you must be completely jaded, wiley must have done something to you or you’ve ripped too many poppers in emerald for all that hate to exist

    • Burns
      Burns says:

      Funny you talk so harsh about some great guys that work really hard (real jobs) to fund their snowboarding.

      It says a lot also when you won’t use your real name. #somebodyspussyhurts

      Wiley n Beau, fuck yeah boys!!

  2. Pow Shark
    Pow Shark says:

    Wiley is a machine in all aspects of riding, after riding with him for a couple of years it’s good To see some soul riding.This hater only makes Me wanna like this edit more but I’ve already watched it over a doZen times. Great edit from the boys at nuulife.

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