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I assume you guys are sick of talking about Nico by now though.

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  1. Fireman Dan
    Fireman Dan says:

    Not surprised they flashed him the dirty burt. Da burt never holds on to legend$$$. Lets start decorating early for Terje & the Lib Welcome party. #chineseboardsareonlyforcompskid

      • Satan
        Satan says:

        Chances are doubtful actually. Capita owns the former Elan factory in Austria and DC, Stepchild, Flow, Niche, Drake, Jones, Slash, Burton(high-end), Rome(high-end), Nidecker, and a few others are there too. There’s the big factory in Dubai as well(Arbor, YES, others). All Ride, all K2, Bataleon, Lobster, and some Burton are made in China. Nitro is in Taiwan, so is a lot of low-end Rome.

    • Thunder Cunt
      Thunder Cunt says:

      as much as i dont really like burton either, only their cheap boards are made in china. everything else is made in vermont

      • JermIsMyHomeboy
        JermIsMyHomeboy says:

        Nope. Nothing is US made anymore. Cheap shit is made in China, expensive shit is made in Europe (Austria or Czech Republic I think).

        • Satan
          Satan says:

          Prototyping is almost always done stateside. Other than that, you’ve got Signal, Never Summer, Smokin’, Mervin, Homewood, Humanity and several others pressing their own boards right here in the good ol’ US of A

        • cheesecurds
          cheesecurds says:

          Burton makes a few select boards in VT. Their Backyard series. Includes the Showdog, Street Sweeper, and a girls board, I forget the name of. Pretty limited run on all three models.

    • .
      . says:

      you’re all idiots! burton boards are made at the k2 factory in tennessee. lib tech boards are made in india and gnus are made in detroit in the old buick factory. high end union and switchback bindings are made by jf pelchat in canada and the low end ones are made tijuana. yes and ride snowboards used to be made in illinois until clark foam went under, which is where they sourced their cores. now they are made in colorado at the roxy factory. get your facts straight!

      • HONDO
        HONDO says:

        i might be wrong but i think Danny is on Burton. but i’m out of the loop these days. so if i’m wrong sorry 🙁

      • poopsticks
        poopsticks says:

        Jamie Anderson is a woman which makes her automatically irrelevant. Danny Kass is legend status, but what is he up to these days. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie/edit with Forest in it. He’s a smelly hipster rail guy right?

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