Hobos and Homies in Red’s Backyard

Red’s backyard is where its all going down in Colorado right now. Once again proving the Gerards are the coolest parents, ever.

Featuring: Kyle Hay, Chedda, Blake Axelson, Red Gerard, Colin Walters, Chris Sypert & Austin Julik-Heine

  • what?

    Zoo York snowboard??

  • Rico

    3 6 is for the children.

  • SVHS


  • fred bundy

    red, your doing it right. good job lil buddy this place looks amazing!

  • DJDickRub

    Kyle Hay is the truth

  • forealdo

    Fuck a resort

    • Mr. Ridingrailsonpowderdayz

      aka your mom……….hi-ooooooohhhh

  • DADswag

    I’ve heard a lot of girls talk about how they have a crush on kyle hay

  • Nightmare snowboards

    Why wasn’t nightmare called in for this?

    • Heyro

      Does anyone for Nightmare ride for HOBO? No, because your a bunch of kooks.