The People’s Court: Ryan Collins VS. Avery Erickson


Let’s all admit it, puberty fucking sucked. Having random hairs appear here and there seemed exciting at first. Shit shaving was even a fun thing to do for the first year or so. It’s when you start having shoulder hair and shaving your nose hairs that the novelty of having facial hair really wears off. Most of our reader base probably is desperately in the process of trying to groom a mustache to update their Tinder profiles with. Word to the wise boys Just For Men Facial Hair Dye does wonders for peach fuzz, trust me. This week we face off two riders who probably have yet to have any facial hair sprout in yet. Their voices probably only just started to crack, especially when talking to the opposite sex.

Our first competitor is 15 year-old Ryan Collins, hailing from Colorado. This native of the 303, was able to stack a solid amount of footage in the streets, especially considering that he isn’t able to drive yet. If one shot were to stick out to me I guess it would be his ender on a gap kink rail. His challenger, Avery Erickson is 14 year-old from Michigan who really got after it in the streets last season. His part is a great mix of solid street clips, park shots and a few jump shots. Being from a very flat area, it was cool to see such a good young rider. I’m sure however that someone on Yobeat will find something to hate about his part. Please cast your vote to decided which of these rider’s should be crowned the pre-balls drop People’s Court Champion.


Want to be part of the People’s Court? Submit your edit to [email protected] This contest is open to any amateur snowboarder. You can be sponsored, just not getting paid, son.

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  1. Nightmare snowboards
    Nightmare snowboards says:

    Did someone say.. Little boys?

    Here at nightmare, we take advantage of little boys. Literally.

  2. nathan
    nathan says:

    Avery’s been going hard in the park this season. Keep an eye for him this winter if we actually have one in MI.

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