Win: The Bonfire x Fourstar Collection

If there’s one thing we learned from the new South Park, it’s that comments are all that matters. So, for your chance to win this bitchin’ collection from Bonfire, leave a comment saying why you want/need/deserve this stuff. Be sure to use your real email so we can contact you when you win!


“Bonfire’s 25th Anniversary reconnected founder Brad Steward and Fourstar Art Director, Andy Jenkins. The result is a capsule collection that connects snow and skate into unique pieces of outerwear.”

Bonfire x Fourstar Jacket

Fourstar graphic tee

Prescott hoody

Morris pant

Bonfire x Fourstar hat

TOTAL MSRP: $529.95

  • Pick me

    I deserve this kit because I’m first comment

  • Fuck yobeat

    I saw koston snowboarding one time. My friend and I approached him and asked if he wanted to skate our ramp later. He responded by saying “does the resort rent out skateboards too” (like he was too cool to be snowboarding even though that’s what he was doing) i guess I’m just surprised that **** is down with a colab like this.

    • Lou

      take a joke fart basher, i deserve this because assanine bird pukes are afraid of professionals

  • Dos Cadenas

    If I win, my pants will match my bindings which would be dank as fuck.

  • Bean

    I should win this jazz because I’m broker than a joker and need new gear been repin the same gear sense 08.

  • will

    I definitely should win because that get up is sooo tight butthole and plus all these other comments are pretty redonk

  • Stan’s old underwear

    I want this cause I need something good in my life. Broke my new CAPiTA board and its not warrantied. Also Yobeat> Shredbots

  • Matt

    Because I want it.

  • Jd

    Don’t let some punk ass kid who doesn’t even skate win this.

    • Jt

      Skate? Pretty sure this is snowboard gear bru.

  • Ya know I would love to win this collection. Because I have worn the same gear for the past 3 years. And its getting a little worn and old. And cant really afford new stuff. With this collection I will be looking fresh to death! And have sick style! Sickest on the slopes!!

  • Colby Carlisle

    I hope to win because my tuition bled me dry. Tuition = no money for outerwear

  • jeansimmonz

    Cuz I’m still wearing jean snowpants. HELP.

  • Nate Stevens

    Give me something good for the nineteenth birthday on Thursday! I really need some fresh gear! Paying for college sucks because you can’t get new gear and I need some! This would be a sick hook up! You guys rock for even doing this! None of us even deserve it!

  • Mike

    I need to win this because I’m broke, wet and cold. Enough said.

  • Jason P

    I need this kit because all my friends already cleared out the local Salvation Army of all the Adidas Gym Coach track pants and matching hoodies, and now I don’t know what I’ll wear this winter.

  • Cam Ron

    I should win this because I spent all my money on weed and forgot to buy Christmas presents for my family.

  • tony sabri

    Just paid next quarters tuition (so I’m ridiculously broke) and have 5 finals in the next week, this just might be the only thing that’ll keep me going

  • A-man

    I don’t need or deserve this kit at all, I’ve got plenty of shred gear to go around, but what the hell, just give it to me anyways.

  • Melanie stark

    If I win this I will take a naked picture for you guys and send it to you.. If that doesn’t win I don’t know what will.

  • I need to win this gear, because it’s the only shred suit I’ve ever seen that’s even gnarlier than my white collection jacket with the fur which is my favorite outfit, so wicked cool that I even wear it to class sometimes to let everyone know that I’m a real master shredder. But if I got this stuff, I’d be even cooler than that, like cooler than Shaun white if that’s even possible so you should pick me so I can be one step closer to my idol #shredordie

  • Guy


  • bk

    Bonfire is awesome. Fourstar and all of crailtap is awesome. Freestyle boardin is awesome. That’s three awesomes

  • pick me

    I need this kit because I’ve been wearing the same flannel and pants for 3 years. I work at a motorcycle shop in Utah and nothin turns me on more that XR750’s and that flat track racer has me ragin. I NEED THIS KIT. pick me

  • Isaac Bixel

    Pick meeeeee, I deserve this dope ass collab because I’ve been boarding in hand me down snow pants and a old burton jacket I found at the thrift shop, I need to step up the gear!

  • Michelle Obama

    I need this gear because my clueless husband has no idea how much Im down with the shred. Me and a carload of vegetables trying to get all up on the slopes this year and bring some organic kale based swag up in this biiiiitch.

    Michelle OUT.

  • RIP

    fuck this life

  • RasmusLauring

    supp, my name is rasmus lauring i’m a 17 year old snowboarder/skater from Sweden. and this is why i should win this: number 1 i would look fucking awesome in the gear number 2 like both of the brands were them a lot so just not some fucking Shaun white poser boy number 3 i need some gear for this season and i’m broke as shit and to finish it of i’m a genuine asshole not some “snowboard is a sport” jock, godbye

  • pick me

    p.s. yobeat i’ve had a crush on you since i found out about you years ago. i used to check transworld on the daily but you converted me. thank you

  • sethbakescake

    I should win this because I’m rad, seafoam is rad, therefore i need seafoam pants. Science.

  • MBMC

    I want this stuff because i’ve got a big red beard and people keep calling me ginger. If i had this stuff i would look tough, like a motorcycle gang member and people would be to scared of me to call me ginger.

  • Barry McKockiner

    My ex-wife is suing me for child support. I hate her and I need pants to wear to court. I feel like that motorcycle shirt would look good to.

  • @@@

    I wear dickies in slushy conditions

  • Moist

    I should get this setup because its been raining on Hood all season, and my outerwear sucks so its been causing some major chaffing in a bad area.


    I want the world. I want the whole world. I want to lock it all up in my pocket. It’s my collection of The Bonfire x Fourstar collaboration. Give it to me now.

    -Verruca Salt

  • Devin

    I need this stuff because my snowpants are all frayed and ripped in the crotch and I don’t have a jacket that fits

  • Matthew Ray

    I deserve this kit because I’m a lame ass kid that lives in North Carolina and I enjoy boondoggling in the snow with a board

  • Yolo Gaper

    I want this because I am probably gonna rip my snowpants/jacket on some sketchy park feature in Ontario/ Quebec

  • JG

    I deserve this because unlike all these schmucks, I would actually wear it.

  • SmoneyG

    I deserve this gear because I just got engaged and nothing turns my new fiancé on more than skate/snow collab outerwear. She says if I win this kit I can have savage animalistic sex with her on the gondola or in the trees every weekend. Bonfire has always been known for having exceptional, easy access wiener flaps on their pants. They say sex sucks after you get married, so I really need this kit to keep the spice alive. My marriage depends on it.

    • Lou

      this dude desrves it hahaha

  • chris

    I need the outerwear because I want to replace my old outerwear.

  • mahi

    Cause fuck everybody else

  • Lil guy

    my pants just got stuck in the tailgate and ripped somethin fierce. Ex gf has my jacket she floored it to the Canada border and never looked back. Just failed accounting but you know I don’t need that shit if I win this…saved money will go towards biz Markie full back piece. Xoxo

  • TINI

    I NEED this stuff because I’m a broke ass college student riding pants so old the flare zippers don’t work nor does the lining really. My jacket is 5 years old and ugly as hell. I have no money and nothing fits right since most of my gear is from when I was 15. Please help me out. Just trying to ride with a style.

  • Shawn White

    I need this because I wear Burton

  • Holler back

    I love bonfire gear because it is a local company to the Portland area and they have good designs that don’t make you look like a skier and also the function of their equipment is top notch and all of the pockets and zippers are nice too. This collaboration with fourstar is so sick! I would love to have this set up so I can go shred the fuck out of the hill in it and wear the crap out of it. I will actually use it daily.

  • Lenny Loggins

    I don’t want that gear…so if I win it I’ll flip it for cash ya dig.

  • Voltron

    Cause you never give any free shit away to Canada. And its about god damn time we got our share up here. Plus I’m like hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt from dental school. Ask Dr. B, shits wack.

  • Jimbo Gaper

    Yo yo Yobeat,

    I am in serious need of some new shred pants with some quality flatulence protection. I’m not looking for any preventative technology, but rather encapsulating/trapping technology. That way when I’m doing Xtrem things on the mountain with some babes, I know I won’t have to worry about the stank, however I still do have to worry about my inability to do dub corks to impress the ladies. These leg sleeves would do the trick just fine. Also, I love picnics – picnics are the dopest thing since fruit rollups and zima, and that jacket reminds me of a sick blanket ready to be used for a quality sit-on-the-grass eat and drink til you can’t think fest. See, I like to have picnics on the mountain. Find yourself a nice flat box and BAM! …picnic table. Beers and string cheese do just fine for a gourmet meal on the hill. This jacket would really let me put out the vibe how I want while enjoying those meals. And everyone knows that putting out the vibe is the most important part of snowboarding. Style. Fun. Safety. In that order. Nothing else matters.

    Keep it real, and keep it gape.

  • Kirk Stamos

    Cause I cant seem to go to the mtn with anything but my GAPER gear and wig on as you will see by our vid from last year.

    • Kirk Stamos

      BTW that’s my a 7:07 and my crew. yes we can come to your party.

  • Kody

    So I’m at this piano bar and go and buy a drink..and she charges me 11 bucks and I’m like the fuck?? I see a “bucket of booze” for sale and ask how much she says 30(84oz of booze) so I say fuck yeah I’ll take one..I pound my drink and carry my bucket back to table. The crew sees my bucket and after being caught up they get up and go get a bucket of their own..6 buckets of booze are now at the table and we starting to “level droppers” where we sip through the straw till the liquid starts dropping…being intoxicated and seeing an empty dance floor I stand up and grab the first woman I see(ended up being the MC) start dancing and drop her after half a song when I see a girl in the audience checking me out and grab her and start breaking down the floor with her at this time people are starting to come out and shake junk. I get tired(dizzy) and break her off and go to sit down when this guys girl asks me to of course I go out and do it after letting her have a goodtime I stop before her BAE gets crae. Little did I know during this dancing one chick steped on my toe breaking open a healing wound..being that I was wearing my berkinstocks blood starts pooling up in my sole of sandal and starts over flowing from my extreme alchol crew sees a trail of blood as I go to the bar and at that point one of them grabs me and just says it’s time to go we get out side and they tell me to look at my foot to which I freak out and kick the blood from my sandal spraying blood across LA tourists the girl with us(bisexual) says oh shit your going to get arrest to which I tell her that’s fine as long as I go to woman jail. And her drunk as challenges me to a pussy eating contest to which I agree because ain’t no woman going to beat me. The crew though has other plans for me an her and throw us in the back of an uber. Which was their mistake because 2 miles from our hotel she throws up in her hand and puts it in the side pocket of the car which makes me turn up in the backseat but I close my mouth which only funnels the puke like a spray to the front seat..driver pulls over and I find the nicest bush on the sidewalk and dump the booze back to nature. And at that point I was now only drunk and returned from the blackout zone. Grabbing my buddy who was blacked out we carry him the two miles through little Korea town to our hotel. Leaving a trail of blood behind from my dripping burks. We get to hotel and my buddy who is blacked out forgets he has legs and is now in the hallway outside our room. The big guy in the group grabs his wrist and pulls him in the room like a lioness taking down a gazzel and pulling it into the brush. Wake up next morning with a 5mile $200 uber ride a hotel cleaning charge and lost clothing from blood and bile splatter and a doctors trip to fix my toe. Sort of broke right now

  • Tru Shit

    turnt on promethazine and 7up up in my double cup. Let me get that shit

  • Lou

    i liked all the comments that deserved this kit as much as i do. thus making me a real deal stand up front kinda person thing that cares about funny comments and the people that produce them… wow this is great skateboarding giving snowboarding recognish too, holy calzoni. thanks

  • Gerard

    I would be pumped to win this because I would be able to give all my gear to my 15 year old brother who wears my really old stuff and gets after with way more balls than me. He deserves some style

  • Zak

    Cause I’m not Shaun White.

  • I want this stuff because I live in a family where snowboarding isn’t important. Whenever I ask for pants or a jacket for Christmas or my birthday they say it’s pointless and unnecessary and that I should get something “useful”. I love boarding and it’s all I think about and I think if I won this stuff it would show my family that I truly love to board. Plus it’s just some bad ass gear and I’m broke as hell.

  • Alexandria Sullivan

    I won a national photography competition and want to look fly as hell when I move to Truckee next week. I like to look dope while doing photoshoots .

  • Joe Dirte

    This second hand coaches jacket and thrift store Levi’s I tailored myself with dental floss may have me looking internet approved, but the shit smells funky and I don’t have the skills to fix the ripped out crotch.

  • Ricky

    Give it to me so I can sell it on ebay.

    • Hunter

      I’ll give you about tree fiddy for the lot.

  • Alex Grossmann

    I would like to win these so I could give it to a friend who recently lost everything in a house fire. Snowboarding was his life and he really deserves it. He’s an amazing guy

  • Canaduhh

    Well it’s cold here eh and id rather be riding the white collection but this look pretty styl’n as well

  • tcreem

    apparently we’re all broke college students. except me, i just moved to govy a few weeks ago and am obviously broke. & i’m going to continue to be broke as i save any and all $$ for next months rent since almost all tline employees are practically laid off til hood gets actual snow. i’ve been waiting for fourstar to hop on a collab & they finally did it with a dope local brand that supports us with good outerwear. i’m in desperate need of new pants because my analog pants are bout to blow out, again. hook a homie up yobeat!!!

  • Flying Tomato

    Because I am Shaun White…

  • Ed

    because I’m broke and am over 13 year old’s winning all this free shit

  • beerdogcat

    Need clothes, been too drunk and lost old ones.

    Also fuck money, and specially yobeat.


  • Barbara Walters wax

    Give it to me because I kind of want it I guess.

  • Dr. Brule

    I don’t want this shit, if you give it to me i’ll freak out and probably never talk to you again. I will shit my pants in anger and that is a promise

  • Brad K

    I have a real job and buy new gear every year because I can afford to but I’d still be stoked to win this stuff because its pretty tight.

  • Forward?

    I don’t need this. I’d like to have it to give to some little dude (if it fits them) or someone who just started riding and can’t afford the “freshest shit on the hill that is WAY over priced”. I’d rather stoke the stoke like all others in the community have done for me over the last 15 years riding. I like my old gear, it’s comfy and mine.

  • momlover69

    I deserve this gear because I also deserve a yobeat sponsorship but since I won’t be getting that I might as well have this

  • poopfrog

    This contest is hard.

  • Steve

    I live in Dryden Ontario and the only ‘snowboard’ shop only sells ripzone \m/

  • upstatemike.

    I’m old, just had a kid, quit my job at Burton, may snowboard a couple times this season if lucky and i will post one “things organized neatly” styled picture of said kit on my Instagram account with upwards of 993 followers which would typically cost a brand such as yourselves roughly $174 per impression as i have a highly-curated follower base whom all have a passion for finely crafted artisinally-made goods and a respect for Heritage brands whom 3.2% of will end up on your homepage after seeing said Instagram post. This is a one-time offer and I may or may not just sell the winnings on ebay to buy parts for my car.

  • Shane

    I need this because the last time I bought outerwear I bounced my rent check. Been sleeping on couches ever since then. Plus half these comments probably ride like donkeys.

  • dan

    bitties want me thats why

  • Nor-dick

    I need a new cross-country outfit and this is just right up my skinny alley.

  • let’s be honest here …
    This gear is bitchin
    My old gear has me itchin
    …. Ya that’s all I got …..

  • god

    Ill make this shit look good, not like all these gayper fucks that have commented here. hell, i might even wear this shit in an edit and let you put it on yobeat, I MIGHT…

  • Dick Trickle

    I just got diagonised with full blown AIDS, let me have some good news.

  • Bob Saget

    NY’s getting hit with this rad snow storm! I need a jacket to keep me warm. A new hoodie would be rad aswell!

  • jesus christ

    I want this because my birthday is totally cumming up and I’d look a lot sexier in this gear hanging out on my bachelor pad of a cross then I ever could in my blood stained outdated robes.

  • Whateva

    I don’t really need or even want this. Someone else probably could use it more. Whateva though give me that shit

  • Fishcat and Nats

    I deserve this because snowboarding is my passion and I promise to beat the piss out of this kit. I will put it to use every day shredding its tight virgin seams until it’s threadbare and in ribbons. This collab needs to get put to use and I’m the man to administer its punishment. I want it because snowboarding is my passion like many of the other comments and I could use some new outerwear. Sure I could tug on your heart strings like everyone else here but I don’t want your pity (My dad lost his job over a year ago, my mom is a teacher barely paying rent, and I have 3 siblings). Please pick me for my love of riding. I wrote an essay about snowboarding and what it has done for me in my life and how important it is, here goes…

    I fell in love for the first time when I was eleven. It was the greatest feeling. I’m on cloud nine while snowboarding. When we moved from Potsdam to St. Albans, my dad bought my brother and I snowboards. We had never really been exposed to snowboarding, beyond a few weekend ski trips. In our ignorance, we thought it was an extreme sport for adrenaline junkies. Ironically, it became my passion. Snowboarding taught me to be who I am today.
    The excitement built as my brother and I waited for the first snow to fall and the mountain to open. We practically slept with our snowboards in our arms. Finally, we took our first trip to Smugglers Notch over Thanksgiving vacation. Snowboarding was a new sport to me, a new challenge. I was terrified as I sat on the cold, metal chairlift dangling high above the ground. I wondered if I would be able to make it down with only a day’s worth of experience on the bunny hill. The first day nothing was going my way; I could barely turn. My knees shook and my teeth chattered, as I sat there afraid to keep going, afraid of falling down. The worst falls were when my backside edge would catch, bringing it to a complete stop and knock the wind out of myself. Having my feet strapped to my board made me feel helpless. Not being in control was scary and being afraid hindered my progress. The cold, wet snow and the bite of the wind on my nose beat me down, until I was ready to go inside. Yet, I could not accept failure. I kept pushing myself to link beautiful, arcing, carves down the mountain. Life is not always ideal but, you have to endure the bad days, so you can appreciate the good ones.
    I wasn’t used to having everyone blow past me, as I sat on the side of the trails. I was the new kid at school and on the mountain. Usually, everything came naturally to me, but this was different. Snowboarding was unlike anything I had experienced before. I was forced to adapt. The challenge urged me to get up after each fall and keep riding. I left wanting that exhilarating feeling of when I did carve across the frosty slope. The rush of flying through the trees is unmatched. As a beginner I failed, but my love for that feeling taught me to succeed.
    After mastering the beginner slopes, I realized that snowboarding presented many other challenges beyond turning and stopping. On the mountain, there was a greater challenge in the terrain which, led to greater failures. It did, however, offer more gratifying rewards. My brother and I had to look out for one another on the slopes. It helped me to meet new like-minded people and connect with new friends from school, as well as gain greater autonomy from my parents. Surprisingly, I was one of the better riders in the group, which prompted me to help teach the less experienced.
    Freedom, autonomy, and responsibility go hand in hand in life. Six years later, I am an expert snowboarder. I devote much of my time in one way or another to the sport. I work at a sports shop, splitting my time as a retail employee giving gear advice and tuning skis and boards. I am vice president of the Ski and Snowboard club, and I’ve joined the Snowboard team. Devoting such a large amount of my time to this fantastic sport has taught me time management and responsibility. It has become my passion in the past 6 years. I’m still hooked on that riveting feeling as I fly through the trees and stomp my landings. That beat up, little red board now hangs on my wall, since you never forget your first love.

    If you made it this far thanks for the read and please Yobeat pick me!

    • Speedy Mcgee

      Ya not going to put forth the effort to read this

    • upstatemike.

      can’t tell if this is real, or trolling…

  • @@@

    i have never owned clothes meant for snow

  • James

    Because they have eight wheels and four people on them, and four plus eight is twelve, and there are twelve inches in a foot, and one foot is a ruler, and Queen Elizabeth was a ruler, and Queen Elizabeth was also a ship, and the ship sailed the seas, and in the seas are fish, and fish have fins, and the Finns fought the Russians, and the Russians are red, and that’s why firetrucks are red.

    Wait? What was the question again.

  • yooooo

    Ugly af, tbh

  • I ride a 70 Honda CL 350 like I ride my snowboards! With steady style!

  • Travis

    “Wear bonfire OR go set yourself on fire”
    Recognize and respect quality goods.
    I need this set so I can be looking flossy.

  • Jim McGreevy’s Gay Lover

    I thought bonfire went out of business….

  • alex

    So I can wear the flat track tshirt while I snowboard?

  • Zach Fambrough

    I am here to win this gear
    Postin up this comment
    While looking for some beer
    I don’t have a SoundCloud
    And I don’t have Twitter
    Maybe I’ll finish this on the shitter
    I’m just a white kid
    Who can’t write a rap
    Going back to Colorado
    Just for Christmas break
    I’d love to rep
    Some Bonfire x Fourstar
    Cause that’d be steeeeeezy

    • upstatemike.

      you’re from Colorado? weird.

  • i really love swiss cheese
    like more than most

  • JJEE

    I just wanna go fast.

  • flaming microwave

    i need this gear because I’m wearing duck-taped together stuff from riding like every day last season! my alternator just blew out so i don’t have the funds for new pants! haha. and boreal doesn’t pay me enough!

  • Shaun

    Shaun White once told me, “it’s not the skill that gets you the scratch, it’s what the rider wears that gets the big bucks.” After buying his entire Target line, I finally had a reality check, like, the only reason i’m not getting sponsored is because I look like too much like Shaun White now. This gear would really help me out because I need a fresh start on my outerwear.

  • Joe

    I want this gear so I could give it to my nephew as a gift. He recently had a huge loss in his family on top of having his snowboard gear stolen from him. I think if I won this it would make him very happy and be a huge positive for all the negatives he has he recently.

  • Samuel Politi

    This gear looks awesome, the best of both worlds right here! Hopefully I can stay warm on the mountain this season, I don’t think my zeroxposur jacket can handle another winter.

  • Ma taco

    Because without it, I may go full gypsy, and just start wearing pajama shorts, they’re the new sweatpants.

  • Calum

    My giraffe literally just ate my jacket and pants. I need this #pray4Calum

  • Jared

    Because I look super rad in my 501’s, spuds Mckenzie shirt and red Varnet, but I’m damn cold.

  • I need this because I’m an ex-employee of both of these brands.

  • Sharkeisha

    I NEED DIS GEAR CUZ MY BABY DADDY AINT PAYING CHILD SUPPORT SO HE COULD SAVE UP AND BY DIS SHIT HIMSELF #realtalk #squadshit #follow4follow #like4like #stonerchick #girlswhotoke #picoftheday

  • Halldór Helgasson

    I need this gear because Nike dropped me and I haven’t created my own outerwear brand yet

    • First of all, stop using the goddamn X logo with every graphic you come up with, it’s played out, and not that cool. Second, Halldor absolutely deserves a ssponsorship from Bonfire, and Bonfire needs legit riders to represent their brand! Secondly, I have been an unconditional supporter of Bonfire, and they aren’t in my shop right now because they screwed the pooch this year when they tried to go independent. Lastly, Halldor, the last thing we need is another random outerwear company, you should work to improve a brand like Bonfire that has a strong tradition in snowboarding but is struggling because everyone is trying to take a piece of the pie for themselves. Times are tough fellas, we gotta stick to our roots and support the good people that are left in the business

  • Speedy Mcgee

    I’m basically the best at whatever I do so I will increase bonfire and fourstar’s revenue tenfold if I am given this selection of gear. I am the only real contestant with a chance

  • yo

    because fuck yobeat

  • Slick

    I had a lot of eggs in the 30 days of giveaways basket and it fucked me. FUCK TRANSWORLD

  • i met Brad Stewart at Windells snowboard camp in 1990 pre bonfire era.
    Years have gone by, sims and ride brands are certainly struggling. Somehow I am now riding mostly burton gear…sad… Nearly by default.
    That said, Halldor needs this more than me.
    Give him the gear and send me a reject beanie from your collection

  • Michael

    I need this because I love snowboarding. Snowboarding allows me to be free and do what I want without any rules. It lets me be in my own world and spend time with friends and family and forget about what’s going on in my life. Winning this gear would be amazing because the stuff I’m wearing now has been used since I started snowboarding 4 years ago. My family is also in a financial crisis right now because my mom lost her job and my dad is working two jobs but that’s another story. I tried asking my parents to buy me just the jacket but they said no and I could just wear some of my old hoodies this year. Also since lift tickets are so expensive, our family friends are gonna pay for us but if I win these things, my family can use the money we saved to buy lift tickets so we can go snowboarding more. It would be an honor to represent bonfire and it would mean a lot to me and my family because skiing and snowboarding has been a family tradition since my dad was 14. He has passed the tradition on with me and one day I hope to do the same with my children. Snowboarding is my passion and it made me who I am today.

    THATS WHY????????????????????????????????????

  • Popcorn

    I shouldn’t win this cause I’m not gonna suck Yobeat’s dick

  • Justin LeBuhn

    Snowboarding is my focus. My outlet for any occasion. Cruising with friends in the park, or pondering on a cruise. Constant and stable enough keep me sane; but pliable enough that I could never get bored of it.

    Choosing school over snowboarding is impossible so I force myself to maintain a balance. I Studying during the week so that I can ride on the weekends.

    The design of the Fourstar Colab is simplistic and clean fitting. The style comes through in tastefully chosen color schemes.

    I am truly a fan of the generosity and ingenuity of Brad Steward and the whole Bonfire Crew. Still repping the same Bonfire jacket given to me Freshman year to this day. This company delivers quality products with unique style. I am thankful for Bonfire and the opportunity presented by Yobeat to the snowboarding community.

    Please consider dipping me in hot, buttery, steez

  • Payton

    I WANT this because bonfire is the only outerwear I’ve boughten since I started riding and i NEED this cuz I’ve had the same green bonfire jacket for like three seasons now and my dog shit on my old pants that were worn to hell anyway so now I don’t have pants and I DESERVE this cuz I’m rad, bonfire outerwear is rad and snowboarding is rad.
    so it’ll just be a big ass rad explosion all over the mountain.

  • Payton

    Also I have titties

  • Dom

    I will have “Bonfire” tattooed to my upper lip, so everyone is constantly reminded of Bonfire! Shameless, I know, but I’d do anything for free gear.
    -A starving snowboard instructor

  • yungboi

    I need this because I think it is cool and I would enjoy wearing this. Thanks

  • TinyPenis

    I struggle everyday with an extremely tiny penis and the only thing to boost my confidence would be these magnificent pieces of outerwear. My girlfriend can’t stand my tiny penis but I’m positive she would love me covered head to toe in the finest bonfire x four star gear. Please help me so my girlfriend, friends, parents, and teachers will respect me.

  • casualb

    I want this because I need to look like I actually skateboard & ride motorcycles and deserve to let everyone know I’m just a kook.

  • Nick Baiardo

    Because I’m not whining like everyone else.

  • connor

    I would like these clothes for wearing. thank you

  • cbordie

    I need this bonfire gear cause im putting all my money towards a trip to mt hood this summer therefore I cannot afford to buy expensive ass bonfire jackets

  • Cheech

    Last time I won a raffle the Sox won the world series bud…coincidence? No.

  • Adam

    Because I live in the Midwest and it’s cold as shit out here and I’d like to be warm while I’m riding on ice

  • mustang

    i dont care about this i just want the new hateline to come out

  • Beardy J

    Because I park shape at an indoor slope and all of my gear is falling to bits… Pretty much everything is covered in rips, grease or coming apart!

    I hate buying gear because I know it won’t last 5 minutes, so winning some seems like a viable option to keep clothes on my back whilst I push snow around.

  • I need these because everyone knows im a fake now! LA LA LA LA

  • Scott

    If you give me this stuff I promise that I won’t ever buy a neversummer board

  • Kyle

    I want this outerwear because I’m a little salty after not winning a single thing out of the 30 days of giveaways. I need this outerwear because, let’s face it, if you saw my current outerwear you would also agree that I need this fvckin outerwear, bad. And lastly I deserve this outerwear because fuck yobeat. Thanks!

  • Kunt puncher

    i need it cause big dick

  • “the dave”

    5 super awesome reasons for choosing me to win the bonfire/fourstar gear:
    1) can’t afford to buy my own outerwear, cause i have to get a vasectomy. kids are rad, but they’re insane and will try and destroy you all the time. fact!
    2) i beat 2 kids half my age at S.K.A.T.E. this summer. that makes me old and a winner. everyone loves a winner and i should get old guy points like brushie.
    3) i have never in my life used emoticons. whish shows how totally legit i am.
    4) my current snowpants have kneepads.(so maybe not totally legit)
    5) i beat ‘goonies 2’ on nintendo. not today, fratellis. not today!
    (bonus) i really dig fourstar. i’ve fanned out on carroll and rickk in person, grew up in the same state as jenkins, have signatures from 7 of the dudes (plus reynolds, who was on back in the day), and a personalized ‘spread eagle’ drawing from the one and only: rick howard.

  • lewd


  • Josh Dirksen’s carving arm

    I need this collection because of Mark Gonzales and David Benedek. If those dudes like this then it must be radical.

  • Mitch

    Cause i spend all of my money on weed and alcohol aha

  • shaun white

    i need this well because im the best and who would look better in this collection than the flying tomato. Ill boot grab these into the hands of all my fans

  • Bob Saget

    I need this because it will totally match my awesome Ruroc helmet

  • Satan

    Nobody wants to hear your sob stories ya fucks. I sucked about 52.7 dicks to get my Airblaster Sasquatch kit…maybe you should try it too. It’s only gay if you like it.

  • Michael C

    I think I deserve this gear becasue iove snowboarding. It’s my passion. When I started snowboarding when I was 10, it changed my life forever. I met new people and made new friends. Ever since then I havnt stopped thinking about snowboarding. I strive for the moment when the sun glimmers off the snow and the breeze chills your face. That’s when I know, this is what I love doing, this is what keeps me going.