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Yobeat recently called out Nicolas Muller for saying that snowboarding needed, “… more of Jay Adams, of people who really live the culture and don’t sell out.” All hell broke loose on the interwebs. While we couldn’t dig up the man himself, Jay Adams, to weigh in on how to make snowboarding more core and save our supposed diminishing past time (Did Jay Adams ever snowboard?) our favorite Swiss was more than willing to set the record straight.

“It got me really going. I was reading all the comments and seeing all the mad haters. People backing me and people hating on the haters. It was going off! Some people were writing articles. I was like, holy shit! I should write this stuff down because these are amazing. People were really adamant about the topic.

Thoughts like I had were this – MC Hammer trying to reinvent himself as a gangster rapper, whoa okay. I get it, but were you saying I was out riding for Pepsi? Have you ever seen me with one beanie that said Monster, Red Bull of fucking anything? Okay, I was in the Art of Flight. That’s the main excuse, “Oh, they do cool films and stuff!” Look at our sport. Every other guy has freaking thing on their head. Sorry I don’t see the reason why I would promote something like that just for the money. That’s my personal opinion. To all the people who work at the energy drink companies, no offense. The drinks just don’t do it for me. I couldn’t for any money promote that.

About the MC Hammer thing, right, Nike is a big corporation. They do really good product for people who want to move their body to be healthy. What happened to listening to the guys like Terje? He stood for something. Like, I am not going to the Olympics. Now I totally get it.

With all my heart, Danny Davis should have been the Olympic champion and he was not. Now he’s all about boycotting the Olympics and I get that. I read the comment on there about how if you boycott the olympics there will be 10 dudes in line to try to get your spot and that spotlight. That will always be. If the industry is all about those dudes in the spotlight to get those hits and those clicks, if the whole industry goes there with the energy drinks and everything no wonder why it’s fucking lame.

The Olympics is like the one shot to tell the world what snowboarding is. The whole world watches TV and see’s snowboarding up there. I know that! I saw that on TV! But I am never going to do that because it’s fucking crazy. I am saying, no you should fucking do that! It’s fucking amazing. Checkout these splitboard guys. They are having the best day. They are stoked.

If I have one shot to tell the world it won’t be that, it won’t be the Olympics. The true art of snowboarding will always be there, like skateboarding went through up’s and down’s. Look at skateboarding now. It’s amazing! Even if skateboarding makes the Olympics, nobody will give a shit. You will still see the Greyson Fletcher clip from Thrasher and go, “Hey, that guy is my hero!” Doesn’t matter who wins the Olympics.

Snowboarding will be alright. The haters will always be there. You hate on Nike, really? Do you even know where it all comes from? You can’t buy anything anymore and have it not come from a couple places. I think we will be alright.” – Nicolas Muller

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  1. Pete wast
    Pete wast says:

    I read that twice and still don’t know what the fuck you were trying to say
    You can’t compare Nike to energy drink companies, who did red bull push out of snowboarding?
    Stop bringing up the Olympics. That’s every 4 years, do we really need to pretend like we’ll care for the next 3?
    How did you manage to pull skateboarding into this?
    And MC hammer?
    You just said a bunch of nothing
    Fuck off and retire dude
    This is what’s wrong with snowboarding is us pretending like we care about what this fool says

  2. bruce
    bruce says:

    * Nike invented the 3rd world sweatshop economy.
    * Was Nicolas more loveable back when he had really well art-directed companies between his own thoughts and the rest of the world?
    * I would make the case that Nicolas is the best in the world at riding a snowboard right now.

  3. Jim Lahey
    Jim Lahey says:

    Nico is saying it doesn’t really matter what the state of snowboarding is, that there will always be someone out there keeping the stoke alive and that the olympics dont really mean shit for us. The nike comment is to make a point that big=/=bad in snowboarding as most companies are all large/owned by large corporations.

  4. col. forbin
    col. forbin says:

    Nico should have skipped a few of those swiss pow days growing up and gone to class once in a while, that was tough to read

    • Yeah good point...
      Yeah good point... says:

      How many languages do you speak? You should compose a hate comment in German and we’ll see how much sense it makes.

      Not saying anything about the quality of Nico’s response, but give the dude a break.

    • straight up
      straight up says:

      go watch or read a Terje interview, dude can hardly speak. Are you really gonna get butthurt about it? He’s still Terje, just as nico is still nico.

  5. the fake dan
    the fake dan says:

    This is fucking absurd.

    “The drinks just don’t do it for me. I couldn’t for any money promote that.” Bullshit. You have enough money to be able to say that. If you were just trying to get a paycheck like most snowboarders are, you would advertise adult diapers if they paid you enough.

    I don’t care what you say, most snowboarders would sell out for a price. Hence “Every other guy has freaking thing on their head.” (whatever the fuck that means)

    And one last thing, since you think that the Olympics is the one shot to tell the world about snowboarding, why not try to make it a positive event?

    Let’s not fix the system, let’s fix the problem you have with the system.


  6. mikeGRASS
    mikeGRASS says:

    This article is one big comment, about a bunch of comments, just to get comments. Did anyone see the new south park? It’s the same idea.

  7. Toaster
    Toaster says:

    People need to stop caring about what other people say. Just like no professionals opinion should change your mind, your opinion sure as hell isn’t going to change theirs. What matters is their riding, if even that, and this dude is pretty good at it.

  8. Dillinger Superguy
    Dillinger Superguy says:

    So, this weekend I had the opportunity to go down to Montana and stay in Whitefish and ride opening weekend up at Big Mountain (whitefish mountain resort, ugh.) I ride Nike Boots, have Oakley Goggles, Volcom pants, Dakine Gloves, gear from companies that exploit snowboarding every single day, just to make money. I also have some smaller company gear… now bindings, a Niche snowboard, saga Jacket, gear also from companies that exploit snowboarding to make money every single day. Whats the difference? Are you going to tell me that any one of those companies are more deserving, because reasons? Seriously?

    If a single, or a group of companies that are trying to sell you goods can ruin your experience snowboarding, you probably don’t like snowboarding that much.

    I drank some beers at lunch, some coke branded water, had some skittles, it was a tasty lunch. But then you know what happened? I got on my board, and didn’t talk about how the brands that I wear, that I have zero allegiance to, because I am not getting paid to snowboard, in fact on my very best day, trying my very very hardest, I am a mediocre snowboarder… I even used to ski until a couple of years ago. But I tell you what, I had a fuckton of fun, I ate long powder runs, smiled, swore, danced to retarded music, felt my wife up in the trees, drank some more beer, and rode pretty much all day for a couple of days. At no point did i look down at my Nike boots and feel shame because I wore Nike boots. Nor did I think about the Olympics, or like, whats core and shit. I got to the top of a mountain, the slid to the bottom. In many cases I got too greedy and had to hike from where I was to where I had to go because there were no tracks and no base under the four feet of snow I was currently trying to track up. I rode my mediocre ass off and didn’t give a fuck about the garbage yobeat and these fucking guys whine about all day long.

    I am not saying Nico should shut up, or like, whatever, but I am saying that at the end of the day the fact that companies dump money into the sport, then leave, or perhaps just try to advertise to make money off of the morons (ie: every single one of us) who would buy a can of monster because some guy is sponsed, and wins a comp, or has a sick part, or whatever, are dumping money into a severely expensive sport, almost exclusively for white people and have helped it get more exposure, which led to better stuff. Better stuff that is, on a relative basis, factoring in inflation and taxes and complicated graphs and charts, FUCKING CHEAPER THAN EVER!!

    Every dollar that is spent goes towards a common cause, which is growing the sport. Without monster, mountain dew or redbull, or cell phone companies, or cable corps, or coke or pepsi, or nike, or adidas, or quicksilver, and other gigantic publicly traded corporations etc etc etc we wouldn’t have a lot of the things we take for granted today… ie: most terrain parks which are sponsored in part or in whole by non-snowboarding entities in a lot of cases.

    Think about that for a minute.

    This is a niche activity, it doesn’t produce a monster amount of capital in comparison to other sports, its relatively small, and yet probably one of the best things on the planet. Boobs, Beer, Boardin, and then other things. So perhaps we ought to shut the fuck up about the guys whom are so incredibly insanely ridiculously better than us at snowboarding, and their opinions, and just enjoy the fact that we too, as regular slobs, can get on a board, find a mountain, pay a fee to get on it, and then slide down the fucking thing. The people, like myself, whom would comment on an article detailing an opinion like this will never be good enough to be an opinion generator, what we say doesn’t matter, what we do does matter.

    So go snowboarding, and STFU. Do the thing, doing the thing is doing the thing, talking about things that are around the thing, is not the thing… nah mean? shit!

    • TL;DR
      TL;DR says:

      “perhaps we ought to shut the fuck up about the guys whom are so incredibly insanely ridiculously better than us at snowboarding, and their opinions, and just enjoy the fact that we too, as regular slobs, can get on a board, find a mountain, pay a fee to get on it, and then slide down the fucking thing…
      So go snowboarding, and STFU. Do the thing, doing the thing is doing the thing, talking about things that are around the thing, is not the thing… nah mean? shit!”

    • chamowski
      chamowski says:

      Cool story bro.

      There is a difference between people who snowboard and snowboarders. You are clearly a person who snowboards, meaning your opinion is shit to snowboarders.

      You say brands like Now are “exploiting” snowboarding. No, they are creating a product that works well. Small, rider owned, brands are not exploiting snowboarding. They created a business out of a product need and/or a love of snowboarding.

      What is exploiting snowboarding are giant brands, that have nothing to do with snowboarding, that are using snowboarding to advertises and sell a product, i.e. energy drink brands.
      We don’t need companies like this to keep snowboarding around.

      When I am snowboarding I also don’t think about this shit because I am snowboarding. but as a snowboarder this shit matters to me.

      Go back to skiing you kook.

  9. Jedansersonspenis
    Jedansersonspenis says:

    I love Nico and his interpretation of snowboarding is. I’m glad he’s speaking up. Snowboarding will be ok, I agree.

    Eventually, when winter fails and the resorts close we will see that snowboarding has made it. Just like in the beginning there will still be the dudes hiking to the snow and making the best of it all.

    When winter fails and the resorts close, those will be days. The cameras will turn off, the magazines will burn, but I’ll still be in the mountains doing what I love.

  10. ble
    ble says:

    The whole keeping it core argument is so ridiculous. Unless your riding a full set up from rider owned companies exclusively in the backcountry you’re still giving money to these giant corporations destroying the environment so lazy people can slide down a hill. Have fun, don’t feel guilty and most importantly, shut the fucked up.

  11. Damn Straight!
    Damn Straight! says:

    “Checkout these splitboard guys. They are having the best day. They are stoked.”
    Hell yea, Nico knows what’s up. Hopefully he designs some sweet shred sticks with GNU!

  12. why not
    why not says:

    im reckon if he spearheaded a splitboard line with yes or slash hed have the market backing to give jones a real run for his money within the first year or two. and im pretty sure burton has sold one splitboard since 77 and it was an accident.
    keep killing it bro your style makes my snowpants starchy.

    • NIDECKER boards are sick.
      NIDECKER boards are sick. says:

      Jones is under the same umbrella company that YES and Slash are produced under. Nidecker. Some are made in separate factories. They aren’t competitors but partners in different niches of the sport. Nico Hikes in Europe and Helis is N.A. Only broke people splitboard to snowboard…like me.

  13. Chatchy
    Chatchy says:

    The same people giving Nico shit for being “hypocritical” talking about “not selling out” are likely the same people who find Mervin, Volcom, and Vans more “core” than Burton. IF there is anything wrong with snowboarding it’s the arrogant ignorant ones complaining about how big brands are bad for the sport and proceed to buy their shit from Backcountry or Dogfunk. Nike the company is not good for snowboarding, they have no commitment to our growth. The people that worked for Nike Snowboarding is a different case. Hell, the TM was Bobby Meeks. Nike also put a good amount of money into riders and video projects that were actually pretty good.

    Bitch at Nico if you want. He’s a genuine snowboarder riding cause he loves it. Don’t judge anyone for who they want to ride, where, or how. The more we accept, the more people ride, the more money the sport generates, the more opportunity there is for what we call rider driven or core brands that we all love.

  14. blue gerard
    blue gerard says:

    I think snowboarding needs to have people that care about who owns the brands they wear and where they make their shit, because without that, it’s just a bunch of people with no connection to snowboarding coming in to make money off of it. I know that sounds like the same old speech but think about the sport really. Snowboarding is about being with your friends, your homies, it’s a culture that starts with your first magazine and ends with the day your legs can’t take it anymore. Snowboarding needs to have that family feel to it, like you can walk into any legit snowboard shop and talk shit like you’re back home. Snowboarding needs shops like Milosport and Wave Rave and Darkside to keep things local and like your part of a club. It’s like being with your family, it’s a club that everyone buys into and it’s something you can share with any other snowboarder worth his weight. It’s more than just sliding down a mountain, it’s hanging out with a family you can choose, it’s talking about the latest movie that dropped or the conditions on hill.

    That’s not to say everyone should take snowboarding super seriously. Snowboarding should just be what it’s always been, some friends having a good time. Whatever having a good time on a snowboard is to you, do it. Have fun and don’t take it seriously.

    • straight up
      straight up says:

      not that i don’t agree with you in a sense. that definitely is what snowboarding means to me and most of yobeat’s readership, but that’s not what snowboarding is to the general population. You know, the people who actually pay full price for a new snowboard and buy lift tickets and drive six hours from new jersey or denver to go up for the weekend. to them, snowboarding is just like skiing, just with a different personality and less expensive gear. It is what it is to you, so hold on to that and do good with it, but it’s good to acknowledge that your way is not the only way-just the one that seems best to you.

  15. TROOF
    TROOF says:



  16. boner pills
    boner pills says:

    yobeat is like the new south park episode. Producing absolutely nothing but a place for people to write comments that nobody gives a shit about. like this one.

  17. fez
    fez says:

    skateboarding has been suffering from the same corporate control but a few skater own brands have started to diversify the market again. support the companies that support snowboarding. drinks are toxic on so many levels.

  18. My dick
    My dick says:

    I had more fun snowboarding when I didn’t know about snowboarding. You are all a bunch of fuzzy little man peaches. Does anyone really care about anything in snowboarding? Your not sponsored, you don’t have to buy an energy drink or rep one if you don’t want to, you can ride whatever gear you want. Cant we all just throw on some sweatpants and go shred Waterville Valley with the homies?

  19. JOhnny
    JOhnny says:

    Mr. Müller, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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