Nicolas Muller Unofficially Off Burton; On Gnu


The Internet rumors have been swirling after this picture of Nicolas Muller riding a Gnu surfaced, but being the dilligent journalists we pretend to be, we wanted to wait for official confirmation. While Mervin representatives returned a “No Comment,” Nico himself pulled few less punches.

“And it’s happening…I am a Gnu, still need to sign but officially out of B (; “

For all the speculative talk we know you love so much, David over at Agnarchy breaks it down here. Good to see old people can still get sponsors in this day and age, no?

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        • smokey McPot
          smokey McPot says:

          you gotta survive somehow. market leaders can be annoying but are in their place a for reason, because of their big business mentality

      • fck'd
        fck'd says:

        Yes, Mervin is owned by Altamont, a capital firm. And Quiksilver are the ones who made the sale. The fact is, nothing has changed with Mervin or how they function and operate. They’ve always been completely rider-centric, they have long standing, faithful contracts with their team, and they do as they fucking please. Most importantly they build their shit here in the states. When you look at the two, regardless of who the chief owner is, Burton does operate with big business mentality. “Hey John Jackson, we’re going to kill Forum, come over to Burton. Oh, you didn’t get rider of the year for a third time? Oh, your knee is fucked this season? Goodbye John”!

        • jimmy beaver
          jimmy beaver says:

          Yes, Mervin is owned by a capital management firm and yes they answer to investors and yes you’re falling victim to their marketing schemes and yes you sound like an idiot.

          • fck'd
            fck'd says:

            Oh wow, you can reiterate my comment. Been riding Libs since the early 90’s, fag. The only Beaver you should be concerned with is your mom’s all all over my face, homeboy. Now shut the fuck up a little bit.

          • cascadia411
            cascadia411 says:

            Dakine is on the Altamont list as well. I’m backing them 100% Shit I think I’ll buy some stock I’m so core. Seriously gotta have a retirement plan. Oakley is publicly traded as well so who gives a fuck?

  1. 'Murica
    'Murica says:

    TRJJ off Burton as well. Burton site still has him on the team page, but rest assured, he’s riding blacked-out mystery decks these days. John Jackson done-zo. I guess Max Parrot is gonna cost a lot of money when he’s finally offered that massive contract. Is it just me or do the Burton TMs make some horrendous decisions?

  2. Really?
    Really? says:

    Jeremy Jones is definitely off Burton, which makes sense because he actually gets shit done at nearly 40 years old. Every time Burton makes some cuts it’s sad because the money is going towards Shaun White’s massive salary, despite the fact that the dude only rides contests and literally nothing else

    • yo
      yo says:

      it’s not like burton just give all it’s surplus money to shaun. he has a contract that dictates his salary. Who knows if they’re making or losing money on Nico, but either way, they’re clearing out the lockers for some yung money.

  3. thatguy
    thatguy says:

    i thought i had heard nico was going to Slash. guess not. surprised burton even is keeping a team at the Global TM just left

  4. TROOF
    TROOF says:



    • TRUTH hurts
      TRUTH hurts says:

      Terje has been on the B for over 20 and Jamie is having his 20th anniversary model this year so not always the case.

      • TROOF
        TROOF says:



  5. TROOF
    TROOF says:


  6. cascadia411
    cascadia411 says:

    Jake Burton was a stock broker first and foremost. Profits are his #1. They have always been behind trends. Craig Kelly demanded they build splitboards and it wasn’t until he died they finally woke up. Whatever core credibility the big “B” had is now gone. Without legends like John Jah Mon, Fredi K, Jussi and now Nicolas. Who is next Terje? Why riders keep using their bindings after getting cut makes my head spin more than Mctriples triple dorks. Did I mention everything made by Burton is now made in China? Mark Sollors and Mikey Rencz are next because Burton only cares about contest results. Most boring graphics ever too. Alas 13urton will live on in Sports Authority with their fine China boards.

    • slashbash
      slashbash says:

      Actually about half the board line is still pressed in the same Austrian factory they’ve used since day 1. If a larger amount of decks were produced there, there’s a good chance it would run the town out of business. Learn up.

    • upstatemike.
      upstatemike. says:

      Everything made in China? Learn your shit before you look like a total retard calling out shit that isn’t true. Most of their shit is actually made in Austria, in a Burton factory. Less than 30% is made in China…in a Burton factory, by Burton employees. Using the “made in China” excuse in 2014 is the most ridiculous argument anyways when everything in your house is made there. I’d love to come to your house and throw away anything made in china and see what you have left besides the shitty “snowboard bench” you made with your old Gnu’s. You literally have nothing useful to say so you claim that…sounding like some kook still living in ’97. 99% sure you work for Mervin also…

    • upstatemike.
      upstatemike. says:

      truth. let them legends move on and make way for the hungry young dudes out there trying to be the next legends.

  7. Chet Baker
    Chet Baker says:

    MERVIN TEAM MOVIE PLEASE!!! Nico, Fredi K, Eric Jackson,Forest Bailey, Alex Lopez, Blake Paul, J Rob, Ted Borland, Rice and Landvik…

  8. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Stay calm, there is life after Burton. Killer deals at Sears on DC stuff, boots and boards. Sad fucking state folks for an industry we supposedly mold our lives around. Huh, mold, I used the word mold in reference to snowboarding. Guess the state of the industry is spreading. Did Lauri Heiskari get canned too? Rough time for pink slips

  9. walmart undies.
    walmart undies. says:

    ou know its funny. every bashes the shit out of burton.
    and from time to time, i certainly do too. in an entire wardrobe of clothes and gear, i think i might own 2-3 burton products max. but what does that have to do with anything? i hate walmart more than most ex girlfriends but i still have to go there once in a while for underwear and dishsoap.
    burton influences every fucking independent brand you’re into pal.
    but for some newb to say snowboarding would be better off without burton?
    wake the fuck up. hate all you want. buy a stepchild board, and claim you’re so core and blah blah
    snowboarding is what it is, and is HERE largely in part to jake, and what the brand helped create early on. what he’s done afterwards as a business man with his own money isnt important because he’s still actively involved in the sport. if he created the burton empire and sold it zellers, sure we’d all be fuming, but instead the peace park edit came out last week from them(now of course it was a 45 min burton/mtn dew commercial with a switch method in there somewhere) i mean, i dont support it; so i dont support it… and i dont buy their shit.
    nico was even an exception from the burton team, and his bigger picture views on the sport and life help create new mindsets away from consumerism for the future groms. but he chose to ride for them, and for a long ass time. money? sure. but nico was still there. terje is known for his outspoken anti-contest philosophies. go to the burton team site. his face sits in fucking between mctriples and the tomato(cause i know he hates that). well TH is still on their boards and hes still accepting their paycheques. and theyre still giving them to him.
    years of snow shop retail and industry work(now as a mountain guide for TGR and often Jones contracts) has given me insight many different outlets in this world. and most of the opinions are juvenile, like these.
    mervin as a brand i fully endorse. core, great values etc. i even have some homies high up there. but i dont think ive ever bought a single product of theirs.
    ill stick to my YES snowboards, NOW bindings. now i think ill pack another bowl while i watch a burton film and fucking enjoy it.
    nico pro model sounds dandy. just wait til they put fagna traction on it.

    • cascadia411
      cascadia411 says:

      Good point. But I’ve been riding since 95 so I’ve seen the influence come and go. I used to support them. Their boots are way better than 32. I just can’t get behind not wanting to do whatever it takes to keep a rider that has graced more covers than anyone else!

      • upstatemike.
        upstatemike. says:

        yes every sports team in the country should have a bunch of old fucks playing breaking hips because at one time they were at the top of their game. Let’s get Dan Marino back out there, he was on covers AND in Ace Ventura!!

        • Zimmerman
          Zimmerman says:

          Wow, snowboarding is football now?

          Skateboarding supports and honors their legends. Snowboarding should too, you know, unless your plan is to turn it into the NFL… The difference is that in the NFL the new guys are making millions instead of being given free footballs while being told how fucking lucky they are to get them.

          • upstatemike.
            upstatemike. says:

            Snowboarding honors legends too. Honors…not “keep them on the payroll as a good look”. In skateboarding legends keep the money flowing in with pro model shit at least. If you aren’t selling shit, aren’t getting PR, and in some cases not even riding because you keep getting broke off then why should companies keep paying you? I wish i could stop working and just hang out and keep getting paid because i used to do great work.

  10. Whoever
    Whoever says:

    Nico decided to eventually part ways with B when he signed with Nike. With Nike out he has to look elsewhere. Nico’s shown that cash is more important to him than loyalty so would you trust him again? Would you take him back if you were Burton? Plus his constant bullshit talking about keeping it real and being a sellout himself doesn’t go along too well. Neither does promoting being totally eco and burning tons of fuel on plane rides to exotic snowboarding and surfing locations at the same time.
    Nico, if you really want to help snowboarding then stop talking, look at people like Terje and Danny Davis and do something!

    • DHNY
      DHNY says:

      Actually, Nico’s move to Nike for outerwear came about because (according to him) they were going to allow him to have more of a say in designing/creating sustainable outwear (remember he was the original GMP rider for Burton). He felt that with Nike’s resources, experience and experimentation with textiles, it gave him a better opportunity in this regard.

  11. Broke ass UofU student
    Broke ass UofU student says:

    With out burton snowboarding would be what it is today… and i can bet almost all you shit talkers would be riding a board today if it wasnt for jake burtons decisions

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