Ham City Slammers 2

Rail tricks, rap music and track pants. This is what kids are into now, I guess. Whatever.

Riders: Steve Dimmit, Brendan Sullivan, Zach Ahrens, Graham Goodwin, Bo Althen, Alex Martin, Greyson Clifford

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  1. MidwestistheBest
    MidwestistheBest says:

    Track Paints, Swivels & shaky follow cams might be the worst things to ever happen to snowboarding. This video has all of that… just sayin

  2. Your Mom
    Your Mom says:

    Tight Pant, close Stance, same old wack/stiff as fuck style. My high school gym teacher called, he wants his shitty Adidas wind breakers back.

  3. Internet Man
    Internet Man says:

    Shitty double angles, Swivels, fisheye shots with the steadyshot on, and top it all off with 3 songs that should never have been used in an edit…. this is like every snowboard video sin all rolled up into one barely watchable video.

  4. I'm Sorry
    I'm Sorry says:

    Sometimes less is more. This, unfortunately, does not deserve to be featured on a feed directly below content that has proceeded it. Videograss and a cumulative edit from high cascade is more than enough nourishment for a hungry consumer of snowboard media. These guys have friends, that’s what facebook is for.

    • DADswag
      DADswag says:

      congratulations on being a college freshman! However your attempt at using your newfound big words doesn’t save you from sounding like a complete idiot. First of all, who deemed you the arbiter of who deserves a feature on yobeat? Second, you meant “below content that has prEceeded it”. But even with that correction, your statement is inherently problematic; how could it be possible that this feature be posted before (and therefore be below) a post that preceeded it? Stay in your business program little buddy

  5. brian
    brian says:

    well i thought it was sick and i know for a fact that these dudes go harder than most on any given day and it looks like they are having fun. looking forward to the next one

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