Is Jed Anderson Gay? – A Hump Day Exclusive


When Jed Anderson posted videos and photos of himself kissing dudes on Instagram on Halloween, many people (#NOTEVERYONE) jumped to the conclusion that he was coming out out the closet. Why else would he post something socially taboo on something public like Instagram? By the time several of the posts were deleted hours later, it had already started. People love a scandal, and it looked like snowboarding might have its first real, deal gay pro on its hands.

It didn’t take long for the Internet to begin anonymously discussing, and in some cases, confirming the rumors in the educated fasion which the Internet does all things. For example, this post on the Catfishchronicles Tumblr.

Anonymous asked: Jed anderson is gay? not that it matters or anything, just wouldn’t have expected it

yea, i guess the way most people found out was through a video of him kissing 2 guys on his instagram which i thought was funny

Those who actually know Jed quickly wrote the Insta-action off as “Jed being Jed,” but we figured he might want to set the record straight (no pun intended.) At first he was hesitant to talk, but as the buzz waned on, he eventually posted his own Instagram casually denying the rumors and agreed to answer us. So, why did he post that stuff?

“I just thought it was funny because I knew people would freak out,” he said. “I have gay homies that have to deal with assholes everyday. I lost like 300 followers. I got private messages from kids being like ‘you’re gross as fuck I dont like you anymore you fag.’  Like dog, I’m not gay. Girls kiss each other all the time. To be honest I’d rather not have some ignorant doofus like that follow me anyways.”

The moral of the story is, Jed doesn’t care and doesn’t think you should either. “To be honest I can’t believe people even care about some one else’s sexual orientation in any sport or any where in life,” he said.

What does matter about Jed Anderson for our purposes is that he is hands down one of the most talented rail riders of his generation. His warm up tricks are other people’s enders. Oh yeah, he’s pretty incredible at skateboarding too. And while we’re not contractually allowed to post Crazy Loco yet, we would recommend you watch it on and get a little bit of French culture while you’re there.


Photo: Oli Gagnon/ Courtesy Salomon Snowboards

  • WillSteller

    Fuck it. The man absolutely rips. End of story.

    • truth

      where im from we dont care about all this equality for all types of humans, if you like men were calling you a faggot everyday of your life even if youre a half faggot youre a faggot nonetheless in our eyes, we even made this faggot kid move out of the country lol. if youre a closet gay we suggest you bottle that shit up and keep it where the sun dont shine because although its 2014 and people think as a human race “we are now better than this” that is a complete lie if anything people are going to call you a faggot more than ever, and thats just the truth.

      • The real truth lol

        Shut the fuck up and stop breathing my air. You don’t deserve to live. And I bet you kiss girls you fucking bitch.

      • Chas


        • The Catfish


      • woah

        if you’re not just trolling, it’s unreal to think people like you exist. you deserve bad things. snowboarding doesn’t want you, so go back to masturbating goats or whatever it is you do to pass the time.

      • Boyd

        The music world isn’t freaking out about Mac Demarco being ‘gay.’ Skateboarding isn’t freaking out about Chris Milic being ‘gay.’ Time to grow up, snowboarding.

      • Truth

        The kid who had to move out of the country.. I typed that. Yobeats awesome.

        -half faggot

      • Brooke, please expose this IP address. For the good of mankind.

      • .

        This comment is the second worst thing about this article, next to Brook putting hashtags into bodies of text that are not on twitter or instagram.

        Hashtags, now that is gay as aids.

      • sample nerd

        but no one likes you, or where you’re from. so…..there’s that.

      • Soon to find you

        If I knew who you were I would contemplate tar and feathering you. you are the prime example of the problem with humanity… close-minded, judgmental, prejudice fuck-hole.

    • Fuck you willsteller

      Fuck you will steller

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      HE ISNT GAY …but u are

  • Lou

    Swagga swag sweg Jeds killin homo haters on da regs

  • upstatemike.

    True story. I have a friend who has had sex with literally over 500 girls. He was on the cover of Playgirl. Then he popped up on gay porn sites but solo. Then one day, videos of him banging dudes were exposed. He claims he “never received” and is not gay, which i believe. He got paid 250k and then 150k a year as residuals for 7 years. He is now married with kids and has his own rad business started with the gay porn money.

    That being said…how much money is Jed getting for these gay but straight instagram postings? Gay for pay is a real thing. Just sayin.

    If not getting paid, then maybe he’s sorta into dudes, and honestly, that’d be rad if he was. Some of the raddest, funniest, most down to earth dudes I know are gay and they fucking rule. The fact that kids were sending him messages telling him he’s gross and a fag is fucking disgusting. Please post their IG names so we can all DM them gay porn all day, everyday.

    • Brooke P not Brooke G

      this comment was a wild ride from start to finish

    • Slerm


    • yup yut

      good story but banging dudes is defiantly gay

      • kvlt

        learn how to fucking spell
        learn how to non-binary gender

    • gay4lyfe

      Woah…easy there slugger. This is YoBeat, not your therapists office.

    • Elton John

      that was the gayest story I have ever heard

      • upstatemike.


  • Vin Diesel

    I’m gay lets play!

    • Knowledge

      ^ it’s vin’s twin brother that’s gay not him btw

  • Popcorn

    The first interesting article Brooke has ever posted

  • nice

    girls that kiss other girls all the time are usually _____.

    • Man Dude

      Very respectable women

    • upstatemike.

      drunk and in college

  • what up

    I started laughing when I saw the title of the link before I even read this

  • WUT

    Snowboarding is a sport?

  • bruce

    Everybody knows snowboarding is gay as fuck.

    • yo

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  • Jed?

    He never answered whether or not he is gay.

    • sports fan

      “Like dog, I’m not gay.”

  • kricer

    Alex Olson made him do it

    • Honest

      fuck that guy

  • He did not say if he was or not… so the question could still be open. BUT NO :

    At the bottom of the text, a link to a FRENCH website, not american, not canadian, FRENCH. And we all know french is an educated synonym of “gay”.

    And what do we see on this page ? Pics of jed skating half naked. Why would anyone skate half naked in france ? You know it. We have an answer.

    • Clayton Schleg

      Yo shut the fuck up dude.

  • Jeff Keenan

    isn’t this 2014? Haven’t people colloquially decided things like this don’t matter?

    Come on people, lets change the way we think and worry about stuff that matters, like, “how much pow am I gonna get all over my fuckin’ face this season?”

    • Riight

      and by pow you mean jizz

      • Jeff Keenan

        OH did I accidentally put in “pow” instead? OOPS!

  • Truth is

    Jed is straight as Fluofun is gay.

  • Texas

    I heard alot of riders are black. Yobeat you got a list or something?

  • groovy lu

    who gives a shit

  • Pig Ol’ Benis

    I’m so glad this article was made. I watched his posts go up to being taken down within an hour or whatever and was so confused. I didn’t care, I actually understand his motives to do whatever he wants, and he does. I’ve looked up to him from his “gremlins” bit as a kid or whatever that shit was, and haven’t given a thought to how weird and capable he is. Point being, dude’s a dude, a dude’s dude, and dude, if you have a problem, hop off his dick, dude. Thank dudes.

  • justins bong


  • Hmm

    Go Jed. You rule.




    • Man Dude

      I really hope this is true. Dirks is a savage

      • Barbara Walters wax

        It is, go to his instagram.

  • Hash Singing Slasher

    DOODZ HE RIDEZ A PINK SNOWBOARD HE MUST B [email protected]@[email protected]@@[email protected]@Y!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!1!111!11!!!!!


    I thought what he did was fucking awesome and genius and now I respect the dude even more.

    • Jwhite

      Sure it was awesome that he posted the picture, but genius? Ok KC settle down fuck head

  • K

    I’d hit it… the rail… Jed’s rail… ugh the rail in the picture of Jed hitting the rail.

    Ps. I just learned something about myself.

  • snatch

    Being androgynous is so hot right now

  • spiderman

    Jed you do what makes you happy whether your lipsliding a giant rail or nosepressing your way through a box.

    • LAHAHA

      funniest comment so cleever wow

  • Toddrichardsnuthair

    Shit I’d fuck Jed

  • Clayton Bigsbys step son

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    • Slut Mouth

      Idk dude. I wax pole on the reg, but I wouldn’t lick another dude’s tongue. Ewww

  • JP Walker

    So I’m still the only gay snowboarder?

  • jed

    i just wanted attention, im a hero, im edgy, im paving the way in equality, equal rights, gonz art, pontus art, gay art

  • Billy Gilman


  • mdot

    my theory is he needed some more attention…the kid is weird plain and simple i think we can all agree on that. and i think we can all agree that if we slept in the same premises as him we would sleep ass down…

    • Billy Gilman

      not me ass up! saddle up!

  • High Pitch Eric

    No story here….everyone knows snowboarding is full of fags

  • Jwhite

    Lol good title for the article to get those mouse clicks going!! $$$$

  • ignorant booboo

    sooo, if i kiss dudes i can back 2 bringback any rail i want????

    • Mixed feelings

      the only thing gayer than kissing dudes is using ski terminology like “back 2 bringback”

      • ok

        and what is the legit term for back 2 bringbacks?

        • Beetlejuice

          backside 270 to regular, or swack 270 to switch ya kook

  • Broke ass UofU student

    Def sucked at least one dick when he was blacked out. But im not judging. Dude is way sick and his personality and snowboarding is one of a kind. For that i respect him. As for KC KYLE we should have a humpday for the biggest douche in snowboarding. #FUCKKCKYLE

  • da honey

    jed always setting the new trend. sucking dick is cool ??! hellz ya !!! cant wait to choke u da man jed!

  • Jedansersonspenis

    Inb4 Jp walker Jed Anderson sex tape

  • A Happy Pyramedium Country

    There is nothing shocking about this.

  • JP Walker’s tears

    I’m gay for double corks :'(

  • Fuck yobeat

    This might be the only article on yobeat that people will remember in 10 years. “You remember yobeat right?” – jerm

  • The Party Snake

    It’s not called gay… its called being Canadian.

  • jed

    to clariffy things for people who can’t read, im not gay….

    also this comment made me LOL 😀

    “i just wanted attention, im a hero, im edgy, im paving the way in equality, equal rights, gonz art, pontus art, gay art”

  • ouh

    jed wants to make our kids gays? lol

  • Shaun White

    Jed and I bumped clams on top of the 22ft. superpipe

  • I hope these comments can be read dramatically

  • mikeGRASS

    GUYS GUYS guys. He’s not gay he’s just Canadian. I can see where the confusion came from though.

  • Ballsagna

    These comments are gay. this article is gay. Yobeat is gay.

  • Thirteen minute part,only contains two minutes of unseen footage most of which is lifestyle super 8 wank.That’s pretty gay..

  • Chris Bosh

    He a fine puddle of vanilla pudding
    *licks lips*

  • Who would have known yobeat comment or cared as much about sexual orientation as they do not sliding a rail perpendicular. (I promise there’s no pun intended there)

  • LOL

    Politics lol. Jed’s Gay.

  • Mid-E

    Gay or not, Alex Andrews still looks like Stewie Griffen