Snowboarding [Still] Sells

It’s happening every day: Marketing gurus sitting in an agency conference room, using words like “ideation,” with the intention of trying to connect a brand “authentically” to that all important young consumer audience. They’re selling everything from soda to cell phones, and damn it, they want you to believe the products they’re preaching are all about you. Without fail, a few times a year (dating back to the Snurfer), the “big idea” that’s going to engage consumers involves hitting them with something they can’t resist: Snowboarding. We’ve written about this phenomenon on Yobeat countless times over the last decade, but with new commercials coming out every winter holiday season, there’s always some treats worth talking about. After all, that’s what they, the marketing experts, want… us to talk about this shit, right? Fuck it, we’ve bought in.

The authenticity of these advertisements is undeniable. Snowboarders do eat. They do use cell phones. They drink beer. Some of them even drive cars. So let’s delve in and be tempted to spend money. Maybe.

This past Olympic year marketers really turned up the heat (snow makers?) to push the all-around extreme. Nothing sells investment strategies, banking, and credit card rewards like snowboarding, right? It’s no secret winter snow sports cater to demographic with money, and with the Sochi games we learned how Shaun and Louie handle theirs…

If a handsome Olympian and Shaun White can’t sell you on solutions for your money, how about a Fakey-2-four double-cork 1080 half-in quad doublemint twist 1260? Great Southern Bank has your back.

Snowboarding certainly caters to a crowd with the munchies. That’s right, they’re using your beloved snowboarding to target stoners. Danny Davis sold them Mountain Dew and Party Pizza a few years back and it went over so well, that our favorite Tiny Dancer has been enlisted to induce the munchies and get TV watchers craving everything from chicken nuggets to beef jerky. “… and will you please quit it with the double corks?”

Snowboarders drink two things: Energy Drinks and Beer. And damn it, the ad industry is going to make sure the rest of the world takes hydration to heart. How? Snowboarding bears, that’s how… and we’re not talking about husky, overly hairy human men, we’re talking a black bear taking powder turns. This was from the last Super Bowl season, so just blame football.

Tom Sims was rumored to have driven a car, and Mazda harnessed his board building legacy to sell you the CX-5. Nissan doesn’t need a legend, though. On the heels of their barrel rolling pickup truck back in 2011, Nissan did what anyone needing a back up plan would do: they headed straight for the pipe.

If you drive a car you’re going to need new tires right? This is from a year or two ago, but still airing, at least here in Portland.

Cell phone carriers and makers have taken to using snowboarding to hawk handheld devices for several years running. AT&T did it a few years back with Gretchen Bleiler. This during the Olympics Stale Sandbech hyped up some sort of Samsung iphone like device.

We’ve established you can use snowboarding to market to stoners, but Sony has taken it to the next level going to straight toward those of you on hallucinogenics.

T-Mobile has a zeaching Santa Claus in their commercial this year, and while we couldn’t find the commercial online, we did find the stock video site where you can license the very same clip to hype your brand.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.54.27 AM

They’re going to keep coming as one thing has been proven: snowboarding sells. Now, if  all these jerky eating, acid induced texting while driving consumers would tap their TD America funds, and break out the AMEX cards in the snowboard shops this season… well that would be something.

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