Halldor Breaks it Down for Nike


Just when you thought the incredibly short attention spans of today’s snowboarder had forgotten over the whole Nike thing, Pyramid Magazine caught up with Halldor Helgason to milk the drama a little bit more. You may have caught his post on instagram telling Nike to go fuck themselves, so here’s the real dirt on how he feels.

You recently posted a goodbye to Nike Outerwear on your instagram and then mentioned how snowboarders shouldn’t let Nike back in. What exactly did you mean by that and why?

Well it’s pretty straight up I guess. A lot of people seem to have misunderstood my instagram post thinking I was talking shit on Nike Snowboarding, but my message was not to them at all. It was a thank you to the people working with Nike Snowboarding and a fuck off to the main Nike corporate people that don’t give a shit about anything else then money. This was Nike’s 3rd time coming into snowboarding and bailing out again. Are we really going to let them come in for the 4th time and take over the snowboarding world again?, and then bailing out again if they don’t make their insane profits (like it was this time)?

I don’t care about who comes into snowboarding as long as they are true to what they do. Pretty much all big clothing companies in the industry are owned by huge corporations but they don’t bail as soon as it’s times get a little bit harder. All the brands who are supporting riders, event, media, projects etc are losing sales when a big company comes into snowboarding, so they have to bring something into this world to deserve being here. When I was offered to go to Nike from DC, they really talked about how true they are to snowboarding and they had hired a dream team, not only riders, but really some of the best people from the industry that I liked. So I really believed that they were going to be true to snowboarding this time.

I really though that Nike was actually here to stay considering this for example:

They killed it with Never Not part 1 and 2
I know they like competitions and Sage Kotsenburg won the first ever Olympics in slopestyle and Ayumu Hirano got 2nd place in halfpipe.
They had the best selling boots
They had such a sick team on snow and off snow
That’s why I feel really dumb when I’m here a few years later without a contract. This is exactly what my DC team manager Nick Olsen told me before I signed with them, “what are you going to do after your contract with them and they bail out of snowboarding again?” and that’s exactly what happened hehe.

But I still have to say that I am really thankful for everything Nike Snowboarding did for me, I had such a sick time with everyone there and I wish it would have kept on going. It is what it is though and I’m sure that it’s only going to be better for the snowboarding industry in the long run.

Halldor has lots more to say, so read the whole interview here.

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  1. Timwindells'ballsack
    Timwindells'ballsack says:

    Yeah yeah, corporations bad. It’s business, I’m sure with the right deal, Halldor has no problem jumping right back on the team.

  2. Suits
    Suits says:

    This shit drives me insane. I love how every big namer gets dropped from a team and all of a sudden they’re on the hate train. You know what? Had Nike continued to make products – Halldor would be sipping margaritas with the suits in Mexico enjoying another year of killer profits, but they didn’t and now he’s sour. Show me someone who LEAVES Burton because they think the operation sucks, not because they were fired. Let me hear the story of someone walking away from GloboCorp because the business practice is for money over love. All these UberPro’s get motivated after the paycheck runs out, and until then – they just pad their pockets and ignore the fact that their sports company is slashing competitors knees out from under them. Can’t wait til next year when 4FRNT ski’s start making snowboard boots and all these clowns hop on board. Quit supporting this shit people, there are snowboarders out there who make products for snowboarders, you just need to quit drinking the Kool-aid.

  3. Chris farleys coke dealer
    Chris farleys coke dealer says:

    How can you join a team like Nike and be pissed off when “all they do is care about money.”? They have have an asian baby making shoes for 2 cents an hour so they can pay johnny manziel to sit his ass on the bench and wear a shirt that says “MONEY MANZIEL”.

  4. .
    . says:

    You guys are silly. If anyone of us were in the position to take a sponsorship from a non core brand you will. I don’t blame pros, gotta survive somehow.

    Whats funny is I bet half the people bitching bought Nike shit in the last few years.

    Let pros get money where they can but do not support these shitty brands.

    • Honest
      Honest says:

      I never have supported Nike because they’re just not a company I agree with in general. Not in skateboarding, streetwear, fucking tennis… Why would I support them in snowboarding? They buy their way into the sport while real rider owned companies are grinding hard to make it. Fuck Nike… and Adidas.

      • .
        . says:

        I agree. All I am saying is you cant blame pros for taking Nike sponsorship. But you can blame snowboarders for buying Nike. You personally may have never bought Nike/Adidas (nether have I) but I have seen plenty of Nike shit on kids who should know better.

  5. Jeff Keenan
    Jeff Keenan says:

    If anyone stands up for business and corporation over actual people they are a fuckin’ kook. Halldor is right to call out these shenanigans because that’s what they are. People need to stop thinking that business is justified as “just business” because that’s a terrible attitude to perpetuate our society. People are real, corporations are some sort of paradigm we created to make rich people more rich. fuckers.

  6. adventuretime!!
    adventuretime!! says:

    I like how Dirks just goes and takes a piss on the k2 headquarters sign. Actions speak loader than words

  7. not chase
    not chase says:

    Adidas or Northface will probably offer Halldor and Eiki the chance to be the owners of their own sister boot company. And everyone will buy their stuff.

  8. Luke
    Luke says:

    Halldor is a deusche bag. Last vid I saw of him he was fucking with some little girl who was trying to learn to ride. If he switches to a brand I have I’m getting a different brand.

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