Zach Wilmot’s Toilet Babies 2

A group of young, handsome, talented athletes set out to accomplish absolutely nothing at all.

  • snoop dogg

    this edit gave me cataracts

  • boneyballsack

    the whole ironic snowboarding thing is getting so old

  • Where the fuck is Casey Willax at Wilmont? Best boarder at Carinthia hands down!

    • nahhhh

      yer not the catfish, and his name ain’t wilmont

  • Len

    asians make me laugh

    • Kittenpuncher


  • Comn Yobeat

    This edit shoulda made it to the Rejected Edits…

  • uP

    hahaha the youtube reccomendations at the end are so fucked

    • snozberries

      “baby flushed down the toilet and found alive in sewer pipe”

  • ricky


  • Popcorn

    Needs more early-outs and flips

  • yes


  • Ballsagna

    Damn those guys can do almost every swivle!!!!

  • YODA

    creative steez fo sheezz

  • Two minutes to long for a joke edit.

  • ray


  • xgames

    people take snowboarding too seriously and it’s sad

  • This was lame

    Too many swivels and zeaches… Come on, how did this not make the rejected edits? My girlfriend is better then that Asian….

  • the best thing since cocaine and waffles

  • Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad

    NEW RECORD! I stopped watching at only 19 SECONDS!