This Kid Wrote a Song About Yobeat

Normally when we do a giveaway that requires any sort of creativity, it’s a challenge to pick a winner. Too much good stuff, blah blah blah. But Patrick Gorman won the shit out of the Union x CAPiTA bindings and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree he deserves it. Enjoy the new foot retention systems Patrick, we liked your song!

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  1. Patrick Gorman Suck My Cock
    Patrick Gorman Suck My Cock says:

    I don’t know whats worse, this song, or the fact yobeat rewarded this kind of gayness with sweet bindings

  2. chamowski
    chamowski says:

    So this kid doesn’t suck at singing and playing a guitar but he is far from a prodigy. Way to pick the kid who sucked yobeats dick the most.

    BTW 12-15 year old skiers/snowboarders are the most annoying demographic of people on earth. Just saying..

  3. fuck buckets
    fuck buckets says:

    I want this kid to be my father. He is a beautiful human being and far beyond the title “prodigy”


    Hey Patric, Jeff at Nightmare snowboards here, I really liked your song! Even off hill it looks like you have a lot of dank steeze with that bucket hat and gogs. Hit us up on Facebook or our email that is available on the site and we will flow you some gear! Keep shreddin and smokin dank!

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