All your favorite jib gurlz put life and limb on the line to bring you Tres Hard. So don’t go easy on em.

Riders: Danyale Patterson,Madison Blackley, Corinne Pasela, Fancy Rutherford, Laura Rogoski, Leanne Pelosi, Hana Beaman, Dina Treland, Taylor Elliott, Rachida Aoulad, Caroline Degardh, Tove Holmgren, Maria Thomsen, Danika Duffy, Kumara Kelley, Alexa McCarty, Nirvana Ortanez, Isabella Borriello
Riley Elliott, Marie Hucal, Kayli Hendricks.

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    • tyler
      tyler says:

      does muting it and going to another tab and completely forgetting about it for a couple hours count? if so when can i expect my bonus points?

  1. DownWithThePatriarchy
    DownWithThePatriarchy says:

    Hell yeah girls! Proving once again that women can fucking rip and film parts just as sick as men if not better! This was better than Foreward!

  2. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    I”m thinking Danyale put her part last on purpose, cause no one could finish this and she didn’t want everyone to see how bad she is lol

  3. caty girls
    caty girls says:

    its really lame that danyale put her part as ender.. Also really lame that she didnt include all of some of the girls footage. Also confused and that whole kickstarter shit. The movie was basically done when she started that whole thing so where was the money going to. She never even specified that in the interview or anything. Pretty lame

  4. Internet Man
    Internet Man says:

    Corine Pasela had a legit part.

    On the downside, there were SO MANY out of focus shots and an overabundance of redundant “lifeys”. Out of focus portrait shot for every single title shot -> tricks -> ender -> rinse/repeat. Get a dedicated filmer/editor attached to this project and it could get some traction. Execution needs some SERIOUS work.

  5. Ballsagna
    Ballsagna says:

    @jibgurl420 is a whore. She is the only thing that makes this shit suck. Gotta go. Corrine should run this shit and teach all those girls to be NICE, and QUIET, like her!!!!!!!!

  6. Jason P
    Jason P says:

    Corinne Pasela seems like the type of girl I’d want to share a base lodge poutine with and then maybe head to the bowling alley with later.

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