Two Edits On The Same Four Rails


Anyone who’s been to Killington for their opener knows that the park is crazier than a department store on Black Friday. A deluge of riders swarm the small set-up, congregating by crews all trying to get clipped up. The casual boarders get to enjoy the plethora of side hits, moguls, ice, and lift lines with our friends then get to be Monday morning quarterbacks when their edits drop. Here are two edits from the mayhem that is Killington’s Opening Weekend.

Dank Ass Killington Son

If you’re not down with the YouTube video Dank Ass Sandboarding  I don’t fuck with you. However you will enjoy this edit from a crew that made the trip to Killington from PSU.

Killington Quickie

Mountain Creek’s Thunder Cunts made the journey all the way from The Garden State just to lay down some turns and sleep on the floor of a hotel room. Living the dream.

Riders: Travis Henderson, Jon Koch, Justin Van Althuis, Tommy Magazeno, Zach Mathes, Walter Promonitz, Eugene Stancato

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  1. The Thunder Cunt
    The Thunder Cunt says:

    Ok this is tripping me the fuck out.. I feel like everyone needs to know this cause I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. We had like 12 people in our room at one point and randomly one of our friends put on the dank ass sandboarding video and we sang that shit the whole weekend. Weird coincidence they used it in their video.

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