1817: Trollhaugen Opening Day

Trollhaugen has opened it’s doors to those that get excited about a small patch of snow packed with 10 rails and 300 kids. Already the Midwest best have jumped back into riding as if summer never happened. I wonder how many Troll edits we will see this year…

Riders: Austin Young, Cody Beiersdorf, Oliver Dixon, Peter Limbergh, Kyle Kennedy, Jesse Paul, Mike Skiba, Jeffy Gabrick, Benny Milam, Jake Antisdel, and Tony Wagner


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  1. changes
    changes says:

    super sick to see the young guns of the midwest starting to make their appearances in these now legendary 1817 edits.

  2. basshole
    basshole says:

    oliver went all the way to wisconsin to stick his nose in the underbar of a rail and get fucking blindsided by some dude…seems like a productive trip

  3. MidwestistheBest
    MidwestistheBest says:

    All but 1 of Austins tricks were switch… just sayin! Not sure why Tony was trying to kill the new guy

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