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Last season I had the opportunity to work with Ashley at Sugarbush. Prior to working with her, I had never heard or seen any of Ashley’s photos. Needless to say, I was a bit apprehensive of what she’d produce. When she showed me her first batch of photos, I was beyond impressed. Throughout the season I saw her work flourish, every week becoming better and better. I’m excited to see what Ashley does this season and in the future. Check out our interview below.

What first got you into photography?
I would come home everyday after school in 8th grade and watch Fuel TV, it was the shit, now its basically nonexistent. I would watch snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, bmx etc for hours and was stoked on it and thought if I could document this for a living, that would be a dream. It wasn’t until graduating high school that I got super into photography. I started on a 35mm and a Canon Rebel XSI shooting a bunch of my homies skating and it grew from there.

Why do you choose to live on the East Coast instead of out West?
East Coast is RAW. I love taking photos in sketchy ass sus places. The shitter it looks, the better it looks on camera. I feel like the East Coast is taken for granted, it holds so many hidden gems.

How did you get the name Thrashley?
Haha my friends back home in Pittsburgh, PA started calling me Thrashley as a joke when I went out on skate missions with them and the name just stuck. There’s a shit ton of Ashley’s out there, so I rolled with it.

Say your house was burning with all your photos in it and you could only save one of them, which would it be and why?
Hmm thats a really tough one to answer. I don’t have one photo in particular that sticks out in my head. Every photo has a story behind it, whether it was driving 2 hours away from a skate spot because this crazy woman in the CVS parking lot called the cops and the whole city was on the lookout for us or hiking to hidden spots in the middle of nowhere to places that have never been touched before; the stories are endless

Where do you draw inspiration for your photos from?
I went to a college in Pennsylvania that was focused on fine arts photography. I tend to look at things in a fine art sense. I am constantly thinking on new ways to take photos of snowboarding and skateboarding. Keep your eyes out for @sugarbushparks this season- I got some things brewin’.

Why do you think there is a lack of female photographers in snowboarding?
I think theres a lot of female photographers out there that are scared to take a risk and scared of failure. The majority of the sport is male driven and it takes risk to go up to these riders and start shooting photos, but you can’t be intimidated. If you know that your taking photos just as good as male photographers then what do you have to lose?

What are your plans for this upcoming season/the future?
I will be working at Sugarbush Parks again this season as their photographer and working as the photo assistant at RLPhoto Studio in Burlington. I am going to try and go on some trips this season with a few crews and see where that takes me. I hope to make an appearance at MS Superpark again, that was dope. As for the future, I am just going to keep pushing the button and see where it takes me.

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  1. CoreScore420
    CoreScore420 says:

    Dang only 97 likes on some of them photos hit this girl with a follow my roomate gets more likes on the REG with that #nofilter.

  2. Teeth Malloy
    Teeth Malloy says:

    So well said about the East coast and how sketchy it is.

    If you don’t get Hep C at the spot don’t even take the camera out of the bag saaaahhhhn.

  3. Snowboard photographers
    Snowboard photographers says:

    Everyone’s gotta hop on her shit because she’s a girl. She is hands down the worst “pro” photographer in snowboarding. There isn’t a single creative photo here that a real photographer couldn’t take with an iPhone.

    Ps you might want to learn how to use your flashes. They don’t belong in the frame.

    Real snowboard photographers

    • Danny
      Danny says:

      Wow! What an articulate argument that uses gender as its basis of being a valid and sound point! I’m beyond impressed. You must have written the best acceptance speech when you won The Scholastic Art & Writing Award. Where can we see more of your gender-biased op-eds?

  4. Alice
    Alice says:

    Thrashley wrote the book on work ethic. This photographer is the real deal. Constantly on her grind and always trying to get the next photo. Her photos are very cinematic, in my opinion, and candid. Can’t wait to see where she goes from here.

  5. Treichelberger
    Treichelberger says:

    Ashley is G! Always down to get the shot and most often her products end up turning out rad in not so traditional snowboard photo way. Stoked for you SUS girl!

  6. chachi
    chachi says:

    Dear Yobeat, maybe next time, if you’re trying to actually have a serious and legitimate photo interview series, get some hi res photos from the photographer in question instead of posting a bunch of random 640×640 compressed-to-shit instagram posts? I mean that’s worse than grabbing from Facebook…..

    • upstatemike
      upstatemike says:

      But isn’t the column “Snocial” 100% about instagram and not a photo interview series? Just checking.

  7. moleman
    moleman says:

    When everyone else is sitting on their computers actin fools, Ashley is most likely out there getting shit done. Keep up the good work

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