2014 Downtown Throwdown Video


Why read about how the 2014 Downtown Throwdown was when you can just watch a video of it?

1st Place – Ryan Paul
2nd Place – Jesse Paul
3rd Place – Ted Borland
4th Place – Dillon Ojo
5th Place – Brandon Reis
Best Trick – Jeremy Cloutier
Crab Grab’s $500 Seafood Dinner – Dillon Ojo

Video: Paul Osborne

27 replies
  1. Justin's Bong
    Justin's Bong says:

    The drivers suck, Dunkin donuts, harvard yard, Red sox, Beans. Now that we got all of the Boston comments out of the way, the contest was sick!

  2. trillbo swaggins
    trillbo swaggins says:

    I don’t get how this contest been going on for years and yet they’ve never changed that stupid fucking dfd box

  3. basshole
    basshole says:

    as much as it pains me to say anything european is better than anything american, the frontline rail jam looked about 1000x more entertaining than this turd fest

  4. Jeenyus
    Jeenyus says:

    Tyler Lynch was smooth even with the shaky-ass terrible filming on every shot. It was like his shots were exempt from this and only smooth style and flow prevailed.

  5. chachi
    chachi says:

    The focus wasn’t the only thing that was soft in this edit. Murph getting robbed again… big surprise

  6. Internet Man
    Internet Man says:

    Yo wtf! using a song with gothic choir vocals wont make the riding any better. At least pick something upbeat so we can forget about how flaccid the level of riding was. QP got slayed tho.

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