Shaun White Declares Ski and Snowboard Feud Over

ESPN, the world wide leader in snowboarding sports coverage just made a big announcement. Shaun White is bringing the Air & Style to LA Feb. 21-22, 2015! (Where no one really gives a shit about action sports anymore.) That way he can party at his beach house and do blow all night!

Now, the “sport” side of snowboarding is certainly not our cup of tea, but we’ve been around long enough to remember when this event was a big deal. All the best riders in the world were there (because everyone did everything back in the day) and with a huge cash purse, people gave a shit who won. But obviously, times have changed, arena events in snowboarding are getting fewer and far between, purses are getting smaller and desperate times call for desperate mesaures. So Shaun is adding skiing to his exciting arena world tour, starting with the Pasedena stop. Why? Because he’s trying to make it a viable business (where others have tried and failed before) and arena events like this are expensive to put on. If you’re trying to attract a mass audience, why not throw a little two-planking into the mix? It all looks like twirly spins to the average person anyway.

In other words, instead of wasting his time and Olympian energy solving real world issues, Shaun has focused his efforts on the greater good of rich white people with passion feuds. And since snowboarding has long been at odds with our skiing breathren, Shaun is preempting the inevitable hate:

“I was sitting down with a lot of the founding members of Air & Style and they were like, ‘We’ve got a strict rule that there’s no skiing in the event,” White said. “It just seemed so funny to me because when snowboarding got started it was the other way around and we had to fight our way in. Now that we own events, I’m proud to be bridging the gap and bringing skiers in. I have friends who do both, and it’s clearly bigger than this sport versus that sport. That was definitely a big step in the right direction in my eyes, but it’s something I’m sure we’ll be taking heat for. I think it’s an older generation thing that is fizzling out.”

And perhaps Shaun is right, old people are too old to give a shit and young kids don’t actually remember the feud enough to care. So, what else you guys wanna talk about?

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  1. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    Fuck bridging the gap, we need to burn that bridge to the fucking ground. Skiers don’t give one single shit about snowboarding, except for when they want to make sure that we can’t be anywhere near them/ on “their” mountains. So why the fuck would you take a snowboard event started by legendary snowboarders, and make it a ski contest?

    It’s a godamn shame, used to be such an rad contest. Too bad Shaun needs new wheels on his Lambo so he’ll do whatever it takes to get em.

  2. Jeenyus
    Jeenyus says:

    Everything about Shaun bugs me. His hair, his ginger face, his ginger hair, his ginger attitude and the money he has to make things nobody cares about. Why the fuck is this in LA? Why don’t they put these things in places with snow? Shaun is a horrible spokes person for the sport. He is like the Tyra Banks of snowboarding, everything he does is fake as shit. The guy doesn’t even like to snowboard! WTF is he still doing around here?!

  3. Wooderson
    Wooderson says:

    The guy is trying to make a buck……who gives a fuck! Snowboarders and surfers are such fuckin’ nerds. Poor nerds at that!

  4. 40 year old dirtbag
    40 year old dirtbag says:

    Also skiers, quit trying to do are tricks that we stole from skateboarding that stole from surfing .Try stealing from waterskiing, some bare footing would be nice .

  5. TROOF
    TROOF says:




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    info says:

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  7. The ice cream on Bridges' stache
    The ice cream on Bridges' stache says:

    It has probably been a part of the Shaun White Corporation’s plan for years to integrate the ski market with the snowboarding market to grow profits off of Shaun White products by at least double. The only question is, when will Shaun start hucking triples on skis???

  8. drunken slut
    drunken slut says:

    Guys lets remember that this is a contest, even the cool ones really arnt that cool… who cares its a contest. If skiers wanna be gay and compete for the smallest cock with the contest circuit let um do it

  9. PatBridgesBadBreath
    PatBridgesBadBreath says:

    I usually love YoBeat but the anti Shaun White thing is just so tired. It’s like a stock story they can pull out of their ass to fill space. The guy isn’t going away and they love it. It’s like Fox News calling up some Jesse Jackson and paying him to come on….just to stir shit up. Yobeat loves EL Blanco….don’t forget it.

  10. JWhite
    JWhite says:

    Why the fuck is there this fucking stupid “fued” between snowboard Nd skiers? Who gives an auctual fuck. Both sports have their aspect of difficultnsss and no sport is “easier” than another. That being said in both sports, there are the shitty companies and the sick ones. If you think skiing is for kooks, open your shitty eyes and admire the sport , that in general, is oh so similar to ours. Without one of the sports, the other one wouldnt be the same. This shit shouldn’t be a big deal.

  11. Bendite
    Bendite says:

    Really, this is getting old. The next gen doesn’t care about the rivalry from the past (snowboard vs. alpine skiers). Freeskiing came out of snowboard. High cascade merged with windells. All the kids ride together on hill regardless of what their strapped onto. When our generation is too old to ride, there will be no more bitterness, unless we pass that shit onto our kids.

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