Behind Gratitude: An Interview with Itka


To say that Gratitude is a snowboard movie would be selling it short. Yes there is some really sick riding and shots but the snowboarding is only one small part of what makes this movie one of my favorite of the year. Every year various crews will set out with the idea to put out a movie that has a fun, road trip style with all their friends. And every year these videos come out just as generic as the last. Some how the Gremlinz have found the missing link. Mixing snowboarding, skateboarding, life on the road, partying and everything that goes with living with a dozen of your best friends Gratitude will inspire you to call up your friends and go on an adventure somewhere.

I sat down with Zach“Itka” Lefter to get his thoughts on how it all came together this year.

Jerm: The first thing I noticed after watching Gratitude was that it didn’t necessarily follow a chronological order like Bussit did. Why did you decide to start the movie with an end of the season event like Super Park?

Itka: Basically some of it I was originally thinking chronological. I didn’t plan it out. Just happened. I edit each segment then figure out how they fit together.


Jerm: Your videos always have an extensive list of people in them. If you had to could you name every person who makes an appearance?

Itka: I probably could, probably forget a few.

Jerm: The video plays as a loop. I watched it one and a half times before I realized it was looping. How long is the actual video.

Itka: It’s 45 minutes maybe 46 or 7. I Wanted to make it shorter. Originally didn’t think there would be enough footage. If everyone filmed a whole part it would be same length. Glad it came out shorter than last years video.

Jerm: Tyler Lynch is always a stand out. Do you think he has more snowboarding or skateboarding footage?

Itka: Probably more skating in this one.


Jerm: There were some notable additions this year that will probably catch the eye of the snowboard world. How did it come about to include Mad Dog and Tanner Hall in the video?

Itka: Basically we’ve always had skiing. It faded away for a bit and came back. I don’t care. I’ll Put anyone in, as long as their a homie.

Jerm: How did it come about that you guys met up with Tanner?

Itka: He came to gremlin games. He was a homie with a friend of ours in Tahoe. From there he just started hanging out. He’s got a lot of energy.

Jerm: Basically everyone in the video has some weird nickname. How do these come about?

Itka: I don’t really know. They just kind of come about. People like Mad Dog, that’s the only name I’ve known him by.


Jerm: Do you have a favorite segment?

Itka: My favorite part to edit was the credits. Just everyone kicking it.

Jerm: The movie doesn’t really have any credits. So is that last song technically the credit section?

Itka: Yeah the last song. I didn’t put in any titles or addition filming because no one reads credits or cares really.

Jerm: Last question, where and how will people be able to see the movie?

Itka: On dvd in a week or two. After a month be online. Maybe for like a 3 hour release or something.

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  1. Meetch
    Meetch says:

    Cam Pierce looks like Jesus Christ snowboard god himself surrounded by all his dirty hippie disciples in that first picture. It’s honestly pretty fucking glorious

    • Heyro
      Heyro says:

      I don’t even like GBP (besides tyler lynch), but they are way more Relevant in snowboarding then your kookie asses are, and ever will be.

    • internet man
      internet man says:

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      • Rara
        Rara says:

        “Real recognize real” is something fuckboys say.

        I’m pretty sure this is some dude trolling as Nightmare. Either way I don’t give two shits about Nightmare and never will…

        • Nightmare Snowboards
          Nightmare Snowboards says:

          WE ARE SNOWBOARDING. Nightmare snowboards will put any board to shame. Our team rips 1000 times better than the GBP pussies. We also smoke more weed than them. And i do have respect for the team we all got each other’s back FUCK GBP is what we say. Also fuck you Internet man you probably live in the east coast riding some dump that you call a mountian. Fuck wit us.
          NIGHTMARE LIFE!!!

          • Heyro
            Heyro says:

            You just went full retard, You never go full retard. All your doing is proving how many kooks are in Colorado right now. Your team is so good you guys have Stu…GBP doesn’t have lucas Magoon or Tyler Lynch or anything.

  2. some guy
    some guy says:

    why is jerm doing interviews? am i missing something here, does he work for yobeat? can i do an interview? this is the same dude in the saga shirt that rode in the commenters contest right? im so confused.

  3. i just
    i just says:

    think its funny…the other day on some site i read an article about how talking shit is useless, someone chimed in that snowboarders love talking shit…point and case. one thing to talk shit on someones style, maybe you dont like it, cool who really cares what you think, we (general public) probably think you suck too. But to hate on someone you dont really know or have just seen on the internet is redonkulous. im probably posting this on the wrong website, but if half of the people here spent half the time they do posting irrevelant shit, they might have a masters degree from a rad school like itt tech, or at least a semi hot girlfriend.

  4. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    of course Jerm did the interview…literally the only snowboarder with a vested interested in making sking and snowboarding the same thing, as he works for a ski company that somehow thinks they will actually sell shit to snowboarders.

    fuck outta here with this bridge the gap bullshit. if i wanted to read about tanner fucking hall i’d grow dreads and go jerk off on newschoolers.

    • Nightmare Snowboards
      Nightmare Snowboards says:

      Why would you want to watch this garbage ass movie maker bull shit.
      A 7 year old could make a better edit than anything these guys put out.

      • Heyro
        Heyro says:

        Whens your shitty ass movie dropping? Didn’t you make a teaser last year for a video, but never came out with it because you didn’t have enough footage, so you turned it into a 2 year project?

        • Nightmare Snowboard
          Nightmare Snowboard says:

          Our video already came out ya fuck. We showed it at snowboard on the block and it was one of the best videos there. We don’t edit on movie maker we actually know what’s up. And where the fuck is your edit or part? We are out here doin big shit so if your not doin anything you might as well sit down and shut the fuck up.

          • internet man
            internet man says:

            I hate to say that that this may be one of the all time worst PR stunts ever conceived by a marketing department. You should probably fire the person that said taking a giant shit all over the Yobeat message boards was a good idea.

  5. tanner hall
    tanner hall says:


  6. seriously
    seriously says:

    At first I thought someone was trolling as Nightmare, now I am not so sure. They have gone off on message boards before…

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