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Snowboarders are always extremely proud to represent where they’re from. It’s always awesome to see people give back to their roots whether it be by always putting their local shop’s sticker up at every mountain they go to or backing local companies by buying their gear. Evan Chandler-Soanes, better known as ECS Photo, is one of these people. A great photographer with a distinctive style and unique perspective, he chooses to stay true to his roots and not leave his local mountain, Mount Seymour. Giving back to his local scene ECS primarily shoots at Seymour and the surrounding areas street spots working with locals like the DOPE Crew and Party Snake. With no signs of ever wanting to leave, ECS will ensure that Seymour will always stay on the map.

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How long have you been shooting photos for and how did you first get into it?
I think my first photo was published in 2002, I was helping film and edit the skids 2 (Seymour kids) movie then switched to mainly photography after that. I had always been real interested in photos and just slowly taught myself by making mistakes. It was tough back then because I was shooting with film so you never fully knew how things were gonna turn out.

You seem to have stayed close to your roots at Mt. Seymour. What keeps you there?
Seymour is the best. I have been riding there for so long it feels like home. From sidehits, backcountry, side country, night pow, and the vibe and feel of the mountain I think it appeals to real boarders. We find new things and areas to board every season and there’s always some idiot up there to ride with.

Right now you’re giving away a free print of any of your photos to your Instagram followers. How can people enter?
I appreciate people that support me, and anyone that has ever liked my photos, so I decided to give away a custom enlargement of any photo I have taken. To enter you just gotta follow me on Instagram repost one of my photos and hash tag #ecs4free  everyday in October you can post one to better your chances. All the names of people entered I’m gonna write out, put in a pumpkin, and blow it up on Halloween. Whatever name is closest to where the pumpkin was, wins. I plan on filming that and putting it on Instagram too

How did the ECS Quaterpipe Invitational come about and what is it for those not in the know?  
The ECS invitational is a quarter pipe contest that happens up Seymour in the spring. It started four years ago. Basically I just wanted something to get all the homies together one last time before the summer. We organize a spot depending on snow conditions, hike up, build, BBQ, get drunk, and it’s usually the best time ever. It has a custom trophy every year made by the previous winner, no real format or judging points system, just good times. This year will be the fifth. Get hyped. 

What are your plans for this upcoming season/the future? 
I’m gonna board and shoot as much as possible, and put more of myself into my photos. No plans really just see what happens. As for the future  who fuckin knows

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