• thatguy

    pretty much every webisode has a teaser. gotta milk that content

  • aww shiiiiit

    he grabs mute or indy on every fuckin trick…

    • internet man

      how bout that 90 degree elbow stee tho?

  • bort

    no they do not need teasers.. its like, smelling a sample.

  • mdot

    kid seems like a total fucking fag

  • is it

    #thenextshaunwhite ?

  • you losers just cant comprehend talent. marks the best!!!11!!

    • aww shiiiiit

      He also pre-spins 90 or more before leaving the lip… this would have gotten him made fun of at every level 10 years ago

  • Michael Bay

    Common burton, lets cover up that jump cut at the end with some broll, then add an explosion at the end. Skateline style.

    • ghost of stonewall jackson