“Snowboarding: For Me” Trailer

Making movies to “show kids what snowboarding is about” and “web edits are killing snowboard videos” is becoming super cliche, especially when you’re going to premiere your movie on ABC.

Riders: JP Walker, Terje Håkonsen, Shaun White, Danny Kass, Torstein Horgmo, Ståle Sandbech, Mikkel Bang, Mark McMorris, Nicolas Müller, Jake Blauvelt, Heikki Sorsa, Eero Ettala and Kazu Kokubo.

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    • 420
      420 says:

      tbh i’d rather watch a male fashion add than this. at least the ad would have a thottie in it at some point

  1. randy mathews
    randy mathews says:

    At the end when they are standing in that sweatshop of man meat, if you look closely you will notice one person, that just happens to be missing. Mr. White just showing once again that even though he is an Oakley “team” rider, he is definitely his own team of one. What an asshat.

  2. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    “I think it’s time we show kids what snowboarding is about” …cuts to a $5,000 winch tow-in followed by AK lines that you need to pay $10,000 to even access.

  3. chicken lover
    chicken lover says:

    shaun white all black mememmeeemeeemeee
    the only video I would spend my money on is whiskey

  4. Dos Cadenas
    Dos Cadenas says:

    Holy shit is Shaun White actually going to show up in a video???

    Also, why does every goddamn movie have to have riders saying some cliche bullshit in it

  5. Phil In The Blanks
    Phil In The Blanks says:

    Fingers cross for JP narrating the whole thing. Or its actually just a complicated press release explaining that Oakley is starting the worlds first snowboard based boy band.

  6. corporate snowboard company
    corporate snowboard company says:

    To us the “average” snowboarder is a wealthy asian family on vacation at Vail, an oil tycoon from Texas who’s just taking a break from skiing, or Vin Diesel. We’re just trying to give them what they want, you know?

  7. vaginapoop
    vaginapoop says:

    “I think kids should see what snowboarding is really all about” Are you f’ing serious? They do that each day that strap in at the mountain.

  8. Realtalk
    Realtalk says:

    It sucks because some of these guys are legit, but have to be part of these ridiculous movies in order to get paid and continue boarding professionally.

  9. For Real Doe
    For Real Doe says:

    Shaun White ballin out in that leather jacket! Im fittin to steal that swag and use it this year watch out for me cuh!

  10. Handsome Boy Modeling Co.
    Handsome Boy Modeling Co. says:

    Snowboarding is about dark steamy factories and “Handsome Boy” haircuts. Got it.

  11. Locker Room
    Locker Room says:

    Good for these dudes and their bank accounts.
    Really creative title. Why am i writing this…who gives a fuck. I have ebola. I only get to enjoy my daily sponge bath. I’m sponge bathing for me.

  12. Olivia
    Olivia says:

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