Capita’s DOA 2: STAY BADASS Seattle Premiere

Capita’s hometown premiere of DOA 2: Stay Badass proved too tempting to sit back in Portland and miss out on, so at roughly 3:00 pm, Chas (The Catfish) and I set sail for the Emerald City. Immediately upon arrival we needed compasses to navigate parking. Literally.WTF Seattle? “No parking East of this sign” Who am I? Christopher Columbus? I digress…

Mark Dangler, everybody.

Before DOA 2, Mark Dangler, one of the movie’s producers, introduced a Northwest regional video of local riders including Mark Rainery, and Matt Wainhouse. Now it’s on the Internet. Watch it:

As for DOA 2, I had been lucky enough to see this movie before this premiere, and still I will refrain from commenting on its contents. (Chas and I will be releasing a series of full video reviews coming soon featuring this video, so go get it right now if you don’t want any spoilers.)

Just look at all the pros!

My main observations where:

1. As a general rule of thumb – Washington snowboard fans cheer the loudest for gigantic cliff drops.

2. Mike Rav snowboards like he is Bart Simpson escaping from the cops on his snowboard, it’s amazing.

3, Despite point 1, the most deafening cheers came after Scott Steven’s part faded to black.

After the movie and a raffle ripe with free product, the local band featured in Jess Kimura’s part, My Goodness, played a set. Truth be told my mission was do leave this theater ASAP, as one tall boy of Ranier was $6. So after the classic hour-long let’s-all-hang-out-outside-this-place-until-the-whole-crowd-starts-moving-in-one-direction, we made our way down the street to a place called flowers for a sort of makeshift after party. There probabley could not have been a worse set up bar to call home to many rambunctious and intoxicated snowbaorders, but a solid crowned of people remained in and around the bar until long past last call. Success.

The Kids Table?

There are a few reasons you might need this photo one day

Capita’s owner Blue Montgomery get Dan Brisse’s Autograph. What Brisse failed to notice was when he slipped na contract renogotiation.

Never caught this DJ’s name, so we’ll go with DJ Mullet-over

Brandon Cocard discovers his ancestors commemorated in stained glass.



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    Dear Stan,

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