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Four years ago Cole Atencio took a gnarly slam while out filming in SLC at a gap to downrail. While gapping out to the downbar he clipped on the front of the rail with his board and suffered a traumatic brain injury. After suffering the injury Cole was told he would never be able to snowboard again, something nobody every wants to hear. Still wanting to be involved with snowboarding, Cole picked up a camera and started to take photos. Using his passion and dedication for snowboarding, Cole had his first photo published in Snowboarder Magazine this month. Quite the feat. I shot the shit with Cole and asked him a few questions about his work and his plans for the future.


How did you first get into photography?
I got into photography for different reasons than most people, probably. It came shortly after I had a traumatic brain injury. My father is into photography a little bit and showed me what was up after that. I love snowboarding and wanted to still partake in some way. It was also something productive I could do for my friends and myself. Technically I wasn’t the one snowboarding either. haha I still board though, Im stoked.

What’s your favorite photo you took last winter?
Im pretty psyched on a photo of Brendan Gerard. The U of U campus is made for snowboarding pretty much, and there’s this gap at the library I’ve wanted to shoot for a while now. So I showed it to Brendan and I was like, “yo, I think this is right up your alley. I want a photo of you doing this!” He liked the spot, so first chance we got when the coast was clear, he sent it. Turned into a full page in Snowboarder, we’re both hyped!

Who are some of the people you got to shoot with this winter?
I shot friends. Haha literally, just whoever would invite me out. I shot a lot of Brendan Gerard, Kevin and Tor from BYND X MDLS,  Underdawgs, Think Thank, and of course a lil’ jib gurl jibbin’. Tres Hard yo! Also I shot some Bonezone action (RIP), Holy Bowly, and Superpark 18. Thank you friends, thank you Brooke, and thank you Pat and Huggy for involving me!

What’s Versaucy?
VERS∆UCEY low key is the shit tho! Its Versace turned up a lil bit… but something you can afford. There are two designs, a tank top and a t-shirt version. You can get your tank for $18 and shirt for $25 online. Got some made men and hot girls supporting it fosho! Join the family!

What are your plans for this upcoming season/the future?
There are never set plans for who I’m shooting I feel like. As I said, I mostly shoot friends of mine that invite me out.  As far as the future goes, I am studying print making at the University of Utah. So many new things for me to venture on there. Look out for some new stuff!

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