Scott Stevens: The Skateboarder

We all collectively pissed our pants Monday morning when Scott Stevens skateboard edit, “No Country For Bad Burke” dropped online. The nicest radical fellow in snowboarding was now the nicest most radical fellow in skateboarding?!? 200,000 views later and 72 hours have not slowed this internet sensation. The Scott Stevens freight train is on a roll and we haven’t even seen his highly anticipated DOA2 part released to the public, yet. We shot the shit with Sleepy Stevens as he was driving up the Cape to see one of high school buddies.

Photos by Joel Fraser

Everyone is so hyped on your skate video!
I am not gonna lie, I dont even know why view count is important to me, but it symbolizes something, I guess. I wanted to get 20,000 views. If I got 20,000 views it was worth the time and the money I put into it.

You have hit over 200,000 views in 3 days.
I honestly don’t know why that is. If people saw me skateboard in person they would be like, man this guy sucks! I will hide behind that video part for a little bit. I like to plant my foot and it’s been like that for a long time. I have gotten to the point where I hardly do tricks without planting my foot, so I tend to be a little self conscious about it. The snowboard world knows I do it, but it got passed on a little far in the skateboard world, so that made me feel good.

When did you decide to make a skate edit?
If people really really know me from back east, they know I have been filming with this group of friends for over 10 years making skate videos. With being a professional snowboarder and trying to get paid, it’s kind of taken a back seat. I turned 30 years old and my knee was kind of hurting, so I knew it was time. I have trick ideas that I hadn’t seen done. Touching on that, there are tricks in there that are a direct influence of Mike Vallely. He has been the biggest influence through skateboarding. Some are completely my original ideas . A lot of them are, I am proud to say. It’s been in the works for awhile now. It’s strange that it all came out right around the Capita video. That was an accident.

So, what came first – skateboarding or snowboarding?
Snowboarding, actually. I started snowboarding first. I was 10 years old. I cross country skied, then I snowboarded, then I found skateboarding shortly after. I played baseball religiously growing up, though.


Were you ever a sponsored skateboarder?
No. When I drop the rest of the video, “No Country for Bad Burke,” these are the kids that I grew up skating with. I was the filmer. They always were, and still are, amazing skaters. They’re not sponsored outside of our area, they all have jobs and go to school and stuff, but they’re incredibly talented dudes and that’s why I made this video – to showcase our crew growing up.

You have been called the “Rodney Mullen of snowboarding” Do you think that fits?
Personally, Rodney Mullen did a lot of stuff that was incredible and I dont even know where his influences came from, so I am honored to hear you say that. I had a lot of influences that lead me to easier path’s than he had. He started from ground zero. I am starting from pretty established. He is a true pioneer. I am trying to just do as good as I can.

What was your worst injury during filming for “No Country for Bad Burke”?
I think it was my knee. My knee was shitty so I stay low to the ground and in the realm of possibilities that aren’t jumping off stuff. I tried to do a backside flip over this pretty big gap and it’s just really hard for me to skate like that. I am not a spring chicken. The other thing was, i am thirty years old, so getting someone to go out and film you to try something for a hundred tries when you’re thirty years old and a paid snowboarder is impossible. So, I had to pay people who I knew to film me. Pretty decent money to come out and film me because this meant a lot for me. ‘Cuz if I was with other skaters who skated, they would film me and i would film them, but a lot of times a lot of my friends don’t want to go in the streets because it’s hard work and i don’t blame them. I get a check from snowboarding, but these guys work normal hard jobs and going out and filming me is not something that benefits them at all. I had to pay them, so that was a very different thing.

Tell us about your skateboard setup. Loose trucks, tight trucks – how do we skate like Sleepy Stevens?
I don’t skate the loosest trucks. I would like to claim that, but I am pretty medium. I ride an 8.25 and i was skating 139 indys forever and i just made the switch to 149s. I can barely do a legit frontside ollie , not trying to knock my skating down or anything, but these no comply tricks just absorb all my time. I watched so many Anti Hero edits they put up on Thrasher – those bru ray edits and i fucking love them. I wish I could skateboard like that, but you do the best with what you can or what you are good at.


What advice to do you have for Shaun White on his skateboard career?
Oh man, I mean shit, dude skates a vert ramp, so I am sure he gets enough credit for what he does, but for his skateboard career, I dunno. His halfpipe riding is absolutely amazing. You have to be so on point to ride these icy pipes and you could just completely break your back or your neck doing what he does. I feel from my point of view that people should layoff him a little ‘cuz the guy is pretty incredible. For a skateboard career though he can’t do it grassroots like I have done. He is kind of mainstream, so he is not fucked, but he is going to have a hard time getting the core guys stoked.

How does it feel to be so well liked? I mean, shit, the skateboard community just wrapped you in their arms. Even skateboarder’s have a shred boner for Scott Stevens now.
I am very accepting of that. I really don’t like being disliked, so whenever I meet someone and I get the vibe I am not being liked, it can be painful and I can feel it instantly. I like skateboarding and snowboarding so much, that I try and stay far away from being disliked. As you get more recognition though, it is only a matter of time before more people dislike you. This week has been pretty overwhelming. I am blown away by the response I have gotten. I was really never expecting to get this type of response at anytime in my life, so I am just trying to embrace it. I am also going to hideout because I feel I have had a little spotlight on me and I need to go into hiding for a little. Just ‘cuz I like to feel like my stuff has a lot of impact and there is a lot of stuff I put out this week. I want to feel fresh till I am 40, so I need to start spreading this stuff out and shit.

Lack of snow, global warming, Nike Snow folding to put more money into skateboarding. Scott, can you tell us something we don’t know? We can see the writing on the wall here for snowboarding.
The only thing I would like to say is I love these two things a lot, ya know? And there are a lot of guys who snowboard who are better at skateboarding than me. Like I said, I paid some of my friends to film me skateboarding. Like I said, there are some dudes out there who are beyond incredible who don’t put these edits out there. I put these things out because I feel it’s my chance to stay relevant and make money and keep this lifestyle going but there are some dudes like Forest Bailey, Cody Rosenthal, Jed Anderson, Eero Ettala, I could go on forever.

Who are your favorite pro skaters?
I think Eric Koston is insane. I think he is everything and more. Mike Vallely! The guy never really gets as much hype as he should. People do all his tricks and he gets none of the credit. Don’t listen to him as much as how he talks just watch him skate. The guy is a true pioneer for the style of skateboarding I enjoy. I love Brandon Biebel. I love a little personality. Marc Johnson, Mike Carroll, Geoff Rowley, I love all the guys in Tony Hawk Pro Skater . Those are my favorite guys. Thats my era. Jaime Thomas, too!. Sometimes people don’t talk highly about him, but damn that guy is so sick. I am stuck in that era for sure. I cant get out of it.


What have you learned from skateboarding that you like to apply to snowboarding?
I think I have applied a lot of skating – if anything, I would like to give back to snowboarding, like what I am not good at. I keep filling in the blanks. Nicolas Müller, Gigi Ruf , Terje Haakonsen, the snowboarder’s snowboarder and surfers. That’s really hard for me. Really hard for me. It’s really easy for me to bring skateboarding to snow, but doing it the other way is really difficult. But I am going to try and learn.

Back in the day, there seemed to be more of a brotherhood between skateboarders and snowboarders. Nowadays, I feel like skateboarders look at snowboarders like we are the gay stepbrother who rollerblades.
I totally agree. Snowboarders need to follow skateboarding. They need to see the trends and know everything that is going on. Skateboarding is everything for snowboarding. We mimick it pretty heavily and then take it onto the snow and I am not afraid to admit that. I get hurt more snowboarding than anything. Hitting those slopestyle jumps in the Olympics. It might look easy but those guys are risking their lives out there. Skateboarding for the most part you risk rolling your ankle, but actually thats not true, what Nyjah Huston is doing you could die.


Where does Scott Stevens go from here?
I have no problem running my mouth a lot, but I think I will just keep getting better at snowboarding. Skateboarding you might not see too many parts from me or edits. You might see a few Instagrams. That skateboard edit took me along time to get to, so that’s not going to happen a lot. I want to get better at snowboarding. I want to be really welcoming to all the snowboarders and skaters coming up. When I put that part out i was like, “oh I am putting this part out because my knee is hurt and I probably won’t get to put many of these out” So, I’m just super thankful I had the time to do that. My sponsors have supported me through this dream.

Predictions for this season?
It’s going to be a good one. I am going to get to ride some pow this year. Watch some serious people step up snowboarding. Got some dudes who I really like to watch, who I think in the next 5 years really will do some shit – Max Warbington, Blake Paul, Dillon Ojo and Spencer Schubert. These dudes are going to put a whole new twist on it and I am going to enjoy it. I think it’s going to be really cool. I could go on forever.

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  1. mr mooseknuckle
    mr mooseknuckle says:

    snowboarding is looked at by skateboarding differently now because the skateboarding demographic has changed. it used to be all derelicts, out casts and fuck ups. Now its cool kids and pretentious people like graphic designers, and fashion people. And people who are concerned with looking cool. So they knock everything that’s not the most core shit bro.

    • The ice cream on Bridges' stache
      The ice cream on Bridges' stache says:

      actually it’s mostly because snowboarders lack the level of critical thinking that skateboarders have always put towards each other. Since before people were even skating pools there has been an attitude bent towards proper tricks, no bullshit and paying credit where its due. There are snowboarders (usually older, but it’s starting to come around in the younger generations) who have this same attitude, mixed in with the surf influence. In general, though, skateboarders see snowboarders as chill bros with rich parents who “totally skate, but mostly on mini ramps”, and there aren’t enough snowboarders proving them wrong.

      • mr mooseknuckle
        mr mooseknuckle says:

        So if you want to show everyone how cool snowboarding is, skateboard more! Makes sense.

        Quit seeking validation from skateboarding and do rad shit that makes you happy.

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