Gossiping about the 2015 Salomon Salomonder


The new Salomon Salomonder is totally chyll and like totally so are the Salomon District Bindings! The 154 that my boyfriend rides is also my favourite colour pink; sooo so fetch.

It’s like super sick how ready to go it was, right out of the plastic, don’t ya just hate it when your board is all totally barf face and you have to break that stupid thing in or what? My boyfriend was getting into the chyllest nose presses like pretty much on his first run with it, he was like pretty much already used to it after the first few turns and stuff, ya know? I was a little bit worried for him cuz its a pretty soft board, and the glacier conditions can be kinda mushy sometimes and maybe he would fall more if he was going fast in the slushiness-bumpiness! He was totz much more fine than I thought he would be and was even getting like a billion feet of air in the super pipe. He told me it would probz be a real decent board in the streets even though he didn’t really get to try it out.

When my boyfriend was first checking out the Salomon District bindings, he was a little skeptical because they seemed kinda plasticy and stuff and kinda like a toy. But they totally held up during some pretty rigorous riding; my boyfriend is lyke the best boarder in his grade, he’s two grades ahead of me too…. soo so sick. I guess he was saying that they were pretty tough still and since the heel cup was made of some more malleable material, it could tweak and bend any which way that hottie wanted to make it go. It was pretty neato and like one of the lightest set ups he’s ridden in a while that’s for sure, bindings and board.

This board features all of the things that Jed Anderson is in to: No chip tips, EQ3 side cut, easy press core, true twins, and of course, a super flat (apathetic) profile. Given its flat profile, this board is pretty versatile. It can hold its own in the pipe and off jumps, and it can unquestionably assault rails.

The one thing that you’ll have to get over if you purchase this board is the pink top sheet. And by “get over” we mean you’ll have to be okay with being called gay by at least 10 ignorant, homophobic snowboarders—and possibly your dad.

ps. Go check out my boyfriend Jed’s video! It’s available on DVD today at your local shop and it’s crazy loco!

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    • HONDO
      HONDO says:

      i hit the button before I was done. But anyways, when i was in seventh grade I had to do a book report with my friend Johnny. We thought it would be a good idea to film a fake talk show and dress in drag and have the whole plot of the fake show be the plot of the book. We thought it was awesome. The teacher didn’t. We got a bad grade. But I still liked it. My name was Star Jasmine.

  1. seymourkid
    seymourkid says:

    damn dudes, more misogyny from the boys club that is snowboarding. this is some fratboy shit dressed up in highwaters; pretty ironic calling out homophobes in an article like this. Your not in calgary anymore guys.

    • The Prime Minister of Fun
      The Prime Minister of Fun says:

      Line of the year “You’re not in Calgary anymore guys”

      You win. Please cum to my castle of fun to receive your prize.

  2. Make feminist
    Make feminist says:

    Is this misogyny or are they just making fun of a demographic that should be made fun of: people that make no effort towards intelligence, over indulge in appearance, and date people based on status. They could have played some jock dudes rather than chicks, but I don’t think they’d be able to pull it off as well…. Ha!

  3. Ballsagna
    Ballsagna says:

    Wow some of the worst yobeat content ever. You stupid fucks need to stay away from that yobeat girl. She just poisons everything she touches and will without a doubt be the cause of her own website’s demise. Doing shit like this doesnt help either. But if you do choose to continue to hang out with the yobeat girl, please inform her that YOBEAT SUCKS!!!!

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