Luke Zajac 2014

The young Troll prodigy, Luke Zajac, establishes dominance over the rail game with his season edit. The youngster even left two and half minutes of black screen at the end of his edit so you can process what just went down.

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    You can just see it in their riding when someone doesn’t ride jumps and only hits rails, shit just doesn’t look as smooth. These Midwest kids are sick, but snowboarding has become over saturated with all rail online edits

  2. welp
    welp says:

    he sure does have moves. i agree with folks about jumpin though. i also think that when these kids make their voyages to places like mammoth they should try out the trees n such too

  3. Dopeninja
    Dopeninja says:

    Snowboarding is turning into robots. Didn’t even do a grab. He’s got rail moves for sure but can he smoke a big ole duub and ride pow? And he didn’t even do a grab!

  4. ianw28
    ianw28 says:

    He is really talented, but 5’s off rails is really jock-ish to me and I’m not a huge fan of that. A lot of other sick tricks in there with quite a bit of style, (proper back lips through kinks and all).

  5. Shaun White
    Shaun White says:

    The kid is ripping! Solid style, seen much worse from much older riders. Plenty of years left for him to hit some jumps and ride pow. Hardways twosev lip through the quadkink was sick!

  6. kevin
    kevin says:

    All I see is a 14 year old version of Ethan Diess. His style is good now but just wait till he shakes the rest of his little kid style. He will be unstoppable.

  7. dnnsldn
    dnnsldn says:

    Lug is a mini Ethan deiss or Collin Wilson. Its just how it is. His tricks are ridiculous and his style fits the tricks.

  8. jed anderson
    jed anderson says:

    Luke zajac sucks. Skylar sample is a fucking babe. Garrett McKenzie rips. Nick Irwin’s sister is fat with big boobs. Nick Irwin himself loves dick. And Benny Milan is irreplaceable.

  9. mark mcmorris aka Paige thielbar
    mark mcmorris aka Paige thielbar says:

    Luke zajac can’t kiss. He smells. I look like a chihauhau and luke looks like a bulldog, together we shall make the ugliest FUCKING puppies cuz I’m experienced. P.s. luke zajac sucks dick

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