Luke Zajac 2014

The young Troll prodigy, Luke Zajac, establishes dominance over the rail game with his season edit. The youngster even left two and half minutes of black screen at the end of his edit so you can process what just went down.

  • b

    bad style. id like to see him hit jumps too hah

  • I feel so shitty about my snowboarding after watching that…

  • roof,roof

  • squares

    getting pretty damn tired of all tech and no style

    • Sedgyfergo

      Kid doesn’t even have his liscense and you judging his style…
      You are a bitch

      • squares

        fucking right im judging his style, that’s what this site is all about. kid can do 8 million tricks, neat, doesn’t mean i want to watch mini seb toots do 1080s onto every rail in the park.

        • Ok squares, you make an edit of yourself showing us what style is bitch.

          • squares

            you got it apple man, just for you

      • ha, that name.

    • Trillbo Swaggins

      Uhh his style isn’t even bad on most of the tricks, better than a lot of people twice his age actually

  • Wisconsin

    Has the best rail riders

  • Wtf

    Fuck yeah Luke!

  • Minnesota

    Excuse me

  • I still don’t like him

  • Child Prodigy!!!

  • Evgrin

    Mammoth had jumps setup that day.

  • Stinky Butt

    Bad style? yall are tripping

  • Matt

    You can just see it in their riding when someone doesn’t ride jumps and only hits rails, shit just doesn’t look as smooth. These Midwest kids are sick, but snowboarding has become over saturated with all rail online edits

  • Garret Mckenzie still sucks eggs

  • Frank

    fuck was with that back 1 5 out, shit didn’t even look real

  • welp

    he sure does have moves. i agree with folks about jumpin though. i also think that when these kids make their voyages to places like mammoth they should try out the trees n such too

  • horse tattoo

    kid rips hard but troll edits are really starting to become a bore

  • LUF


  • Shane Oneil

    im sorry mate but I already made the best video part to this song

  • Dopeninja

    Snowboarding is turning into robots. Didn’t even do a grab. He’s got rail moves for sure but can he smoke a big ole duub and ride pow? And he didn’t even do a grab!

    • he did cab 1 tuck knee off that pole jam so yes he did grab and he is 14 he doesnt need to have the reputation of a stoner you asshole

  • ianw28

    He is really talented, but 5’s off rails is really jock-ish to me and I’m not a huge fan of that. A lot of other sick tricks in there with quite a bit of style, (proper back lips through kinks and all).

  • Douchebag Todd

    Garrett Mckenzie sucks eggs 2, I heard that Zach Zajac has two dick holes

  • Douchebag Todd

    You think his style is bad? Look at his fucking teeth

  • fuck face

    snowboarding is turning into sking

    • squares


  • Jake W. Billington

    i heard he barks when he lands every trick.

  • Garrett Mckenzie’s tampon

    Skylar Sample is also hot

  • Skylar Sample douchebag

    lukes Gap in his teeth are wider then my vagina

    • Skylar Sample douchebag


  • Hi, I am nick irwin and I think my sister has an amazing rack

    • hey now. those are mine

  • I bit brothers dick off

    In the tub I bit madeenas dick


    naah kid has great style for the tricks hes doing. dude could just get a better helmet.

  • BOnE$QUAd_al

    We are all scared of jumps in Wisconsin.

  • Shaun White

    The kid is ripping! Solid style, seen much worse from much older riders. Plenty of years left for him to hit some jumps and ride pow. Hardways twosev lip through the quadkink was sick!

  • fiend

    kids sick, style comes with age. Haters now, will be on this kids tip in a couple years no doubt.

  • kevin

    All I see is a 14 year old version of Ethan Diess. His style is good now but just wait till he shakes the rest of his little kid style. He will be unstoppable.

  • dnnsldn

    Lug is a mini Ethan deiss or Collin Wilson. Its just how it is. His tricks are ridiculous and his style fits the tricks.

  • upstatemike.

    5:29 was INSANE

  • jed anderson

    Luke zajac sucks. Skylar sample is a fucking babe. Garrett McKenzie rips. Nick Irwin’s sister is fat with big boobs. Nick Irwin himself loves dick. And Benny Milan is irreplaceable.

  • Billington

    What the fuck jed

  • Dan skylar sample

    Eggs, sucked right from the chickens asshole garret Mckenzie

  • jed anderson isn’t fooling anyone, we all know it’s you that posted the comment garrett A.K.A egg sucker

  • mark mcmorris aka Paige thielbar

    Luke zajac can’t kiss. He smells. I look like a chihauhau and luke looks like a bulldog, together we shall make the ugliest FUCKING puppies cuz I’m experienced. P.s. luke zajac sucks dick

  • JumpJock420

    Jumps are for pussies and Garrett Mckenzie still sucks eggs

  • poopfrog

    Can we continue to discuss Garrett Mckenzie?
    I hated that kid before it was cool.

  • yeah you can make fun of him reply to mark mcmorris aka paige theilbar that is garrett because he likes to talk a lot of shit over social networks

  • “uhhh i heard that ummm garret mckenzie had sex with like 9 girls and has aids” -brenden schwartz #football

  • Troll Slayer

    Honestly , Garrett Mckenzie is ass

  • Troll Slayer

    Garrett McKenzie must have thought luke how to smoke. Look at them teeth though!