Snocial: Kieth Rutherford

In all honesty I had never seen any of Kieth Rutherford’s photos until last Friday when someone suggested we feature him. After creeping his account I noticed, aside from the bombardment of hashtags, that the subject matter of his photographs were more than just snowboarding. They reflected his other interests, mainly fly fishing and exploring the South West. Overall Kieth has some really cool photos and has a very different eye for photography than any of the previous featured accounts. Take a minute to take a look into the mind of this Tahoe photographer.

What first got you into photography?
I have always been surrounded by photographers that inspire me. I played with film cameras in the past, so it only seemed natural for me to help capture the entertainment of Danyale and Fancy snowboarding. I think Danyale may have been one of the first people to put a camera in my hands and for that I am grateful.

Who were some of the people you had a chance to shoot with this season? 
I like surrounding myself with as many women as possible. I traveled a lot with the Too Hard crew: Danyale Patterson, Madison Blackley, Kumara Kelley, Taylor Elliott, and Fancy Rutherford. Along with a bunch of up and coming Tahoe kids, like Lou Macias, Ryland West, Bryce Salazar. I like shooting the Too Hard girls because they are a shit show and they hit the feature like 400 times so I am sure to get a shot. All in all, I am privileged to be a part of the progression of women’s snowboarding.

How did you get into shooting fly fishing? How does it differ from shooting snowboarding?
I had been fly fishing for a while and some of my snowboarding friends also fly fish, so we kinda started a crew.  It’s been rad, we go fishing together and naturally I want to take photos of my homies Gray Thompson, Eric Leon, Aaron Cosby, Russell Fortier, Kyle Beckmann. We recently launched the Truckee River Outsiders, check out our instagram @truckeeriveroutsiders. My favorite part of both fly fishing and snowboarding is when everything comes together perfectly, the way a snowboarder grabs his snowboard and the sun glints behind him, or the way sunlight amuses itself on water. It is these moments that are so awe-inspiring and perfect that I try to capture. Snowboarding and fly fishing share many artistic similarities.

What was your favorite photo you shot this season? 
Last year Tahoe did not get much snow but finally in late March I got a call from Andrew Guddat, a filmer, that there was snow at the summit. Fancy, Taylor and I got to the spot and the wind was blowing 60 plus miles an hour and we almost got shut out.  Getting to set up my flash and shoot photos instead of filming was awesome. Fancy pulled off a perfect tail press on a Tahoe wooden down rail and together she and I got the shot, I was stoked.

What are your plans for next season/ the future? 
Well, I’m not much for planning for the future, however, I finally sorted out my past and I am able to leave the country. I am excited to go international with the Too Hard babes, to take as many photos as possible of whomever will let me point my lens at them.