My Hood – Johnny O’Connor


Yung JOC puts a spell on the High Cascade lane in the last My Hood of the summer.

Cameos: Benny Milam, Joey Fava, Nick Doucette, Cole St. Martin, Miles Fallon, Christian Bulling, Taco.

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    • Uhh
      Uhh says:

      whatchu talkin bout nigga the dude filmed a full part in DOA2 this year. If anything you fell off by not even making it to hood this summer and putting out shots that were ass all winter

  1. @jwhite
    @jwhite says:

    or maybe his Capita part is that good he thinks he can just have fun and do whatever he wants for a little? I’m going with that

  2. jwang
    jwang says:

    Can someone explain to me who the fuck this miles fallon kid is and why I keep seeing him in every video from HCSC?

  3. what
    what says:

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