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Many young photographers have written off shooting film, however Erik Hoffman has become obsessed with the analog format. Over the last few years, Erik pushed himself to learn as much as he possibly about film. Going so far as to build his own darkroom in the bathroom of his room at Windell’s. The results of his obsession has led him to develop a unique and captivating style, that distinguishes his work from his peers. Erik’s creative eye and interest in developing techniques has made his Instagram a must follow.

How did you first get into photography?

When I was a junior in high school my buddy Dave got a DSLR camera and started shooting my homies and I skating, he was getting some rad images so two weeks later I went on SkatePerception and purchased a Nikon d50 with a stock lens for like $200 and ran that for a couple years.

What’s your favorite shot that you took this season?

Yew, that’s confidential. But I’ll give you some hints, it”s a shot involving Brian Skorupski some weird architecture and some burnt plastic. It’ll be out in a couple months from now.

What’s your fascination with shooting film?

It’s cliché but for the same reason a lot of people still shoot film. The process is much more satisfying than digital. Shooting with film makes me hyperaware of my cameras settings, the lighting and the surroundings around me thus making me a better photographer in my opinion. You can manipulate images in a much different way than you can in a computer program and I haven’t even scratched the surface on exploring that, that style its still pretty fresh in my mind. Also my hard drive crashed the other day and made me realize how nice it is to have a tangible object rather than a file, its less apt to be lost or destroyed.

Who were some of the people you shot with this season?

I’m going to school in Connecticut so I don’t have a whole lot of time go on long trips with crews but the major upside is that I have access to brand new darkroom this year, a ton of never been hit urban spots in my library, and the Yawgoons who are about an hour and a half away. I spent most of my past season shooting with them and plan on shooting way more with them this year and save the images for some things I’m scheming up for the fall of 2015.

What is The Arkives?

The Arkives is a collaboration of analog photography that Tyler Orton and I conjured up after setting up a darkroom in a bathroom at the Ark Motel last year while working at Windells. It’s purely based on fun we aren’t trying to do anything with it, besides just to have a place to post our work. I guess the only plan is to make it more organized, we also thought about making a yearbook but we’ll see what happens with that. Neither of us want to take it too seriously.

What are your plans for next season/the future?

Defiantly shooting with the Yawgoons more this year, I have some other loose ideas but for now I want to focus on graduating and making the best images I possibly can in between school. I’m not necessarily convinced I want to put all my eggs in one basket and shoot snowboarding all the time, lately I have enjoyed shooting portraits of notable figures in the industry but I guess ultimately I want that to lead to long term projects that involve traveling and throwing myself into situations that I will certainly be uncomfortable shooting, places I may be uncomfortable being in and having it culminate into a large group of work. Whenever I put myself in those positions I almost always come out of them with images I’m really stoked on.

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