A DOPE Hump Day with EMan Anderson



Photos courtesy of Stepchild

I’ll tell you right now, the flying tomato has nothing on EMANUEL “E-Man” ANDERSON…other than a bunch of money from mega corporations like Target, and a private jet, and beach front mansion in Malibu. But what E- Man lacks in money, he makes up for with his hair of a lion, his soul for the outdoors, and a face that can’t go through a metal detector. Without a doubt, he nollies higher than you, has more style than you, and rips harder than you…probably because he’s Canadian.

Is the Canadian snowboard scene as pretentious as the US snowboard scene?

No, I don’t really think it is, but I’m not really in the scene that much, so it’s hard for me to say. But I do feel like Canadian people are a little bit more humble, for the most part; I mean there is definitely a different scene in the US.

Have you ever been harshly vibed out when riding in the US?

No, when I come down to the states I just notice a different vibe in the lift lines. There are a lot more boarders and a lot more egos.

What do you do other than snowboard?

I do a lot of stuff. I’m really into fishing, skateboarding, motor biking, and dirt biking; I have a KLR 650. It’s a hog. In the summer I run my own painting crew. I paint with Jody Wachniak and stuff. It’s chill.


Smoking is good for you in Canada. Photo: Evan Chandler

What would you take if you were to attend University?

Well, I’m probably going to take a motorcycle mechanics course, like small engines stuff. I’ll start with that. But I’d also like to get into forestry, so I’d probably take some forestry courses, or even get into marine biology because I love fish and whatnot.

You’re a nature man?

Yeah, yeah, I’m a nature guy for sure.

How do you nollie like you do!? Did you play basketball, or what?

No, no basketball. I’m not sure how I do it; I just do it. It’s the long legs, I guess.

What about jump tricks? I’ve seen you slay some sick switch back 9s in Canada, why don’t your video parts have more jump shots?

That’s really what I honestly want to start doing; I want to film a backcountry part but I’m broke as fuck and sleds are expensive as fuck. So that’s kinda the reason why I don’t have more jump shots, but yeah, I definitely really enjoy jumping. I’ll claim that I did a front side double cork like six years ago—before they were even cool. Haha.



Tailpress. Photo: Evan Chandler

What’s going on with DOPE next year?

I don’t know if we really have a plan. This season we started Duh Bolts—we don’t actually have them made yet. It’s kinda like that Tight Belts company, where there actually aren’t any belts made, or who knows if there will ever be—But we are going to do a Dope Industries presents Duh Bolts mix tape. It will just be a short and sweet 15 min video… but as for next year, I’m not sure. We just kinda wing it.

Who most influences DOPE?

I dunno, probably the Wildcats. Back in the day we got most of our ideas from them.

They are Whistler legends. Didn’t one of them get kicked out of Whistler?

Yeah, Nate Bozung.

What did he get kicked out for?

Partyin’ and tickin’ people off.

Where is your favorite spot in Canada to hit handrails?

Probably Calgary. There’s just so much street stuff there. You can always make shit happen out there. It’s ideal.

What rap music are you listening to right now?

Lately, just about anything. I’m just over trying to find music myself. So yeah, I listen to just about any kind of music, but when I’m drivin’ I’m for sure pumping Juicy J, loud. It took me about 11 hours to get here [Windells Camp] and I just had Juicy J blaaasting. Haha


What’s going on with your Pro Model? Was it the #turnEMANpro that got it going?

Haha, no, I don’t think it was. I think they had it planned out before that. But Stepchild actually stopped doing pro models next season, so I just had the one year. It’s all good. They might bring them back in a couple years, but as for now they’ve stopped making them.

What’s the reasoning behind that?

There are so many pros out there that they just don’t sell like they used to. Years ago JP Walker and Devun Walsh boards would go like crazy, but they just don’t sell anymore.

You turned pro in the hospital after getting surgery on your nose, cheek and palette, right?

Yeah, man. I was in the hospital after I smashed my face to pieces. I have five plates in my face and 30 screws. I was there for days, feeling like I was dying. And it was really weird because I was in the hospital contemplating quitting snowboarding after such a traumatic injury—It was really fucking gnarly—but then they came in and brought me my pro model. So, yeah, it was really weird, but now I’m for sure stoked on it!

The world of rail riding is getting insane, isn’t it?

Yeah, you basically have to risk your life just to get a trick, but there is also the other side of it, the style side of it; the side that’s flowy, you know, like Bradshaw—that’s the kinda shit I’m into.


Nose press. Photo: Evan Chandler

Do you have any crazy stories where you have been kicked out of a bar or spot?

I’ve got a lot of those, but I can’t really think of any right now. I’ve been in a lot of fights, but I never want to get punched in the face ever again because of all the metal I have in it. I’m growing up. I’m getting old.

How old are you?

I’m 29. And I’m not old. When I turn 60 I’ll start calling myself old.

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    If Eman isn’t one of you favorite snowboarders, you’re fucking blowing it. Stay blunted stay high

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    I’ve heard stepchild doesn’t pay any of their pro riders, but I don’t know how true that is. But someone pay this mother fucker so we can see his backcountry shit naa’mean

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