Aunti Films: “WTF” The Teaser


28 riders?!?! Jesus, how long is this video going to be?

Cody Potter, Ben Lynch, Greyson Clifford, Tom Semotuk, Eric Goldmann, Ryan Arrington, Mikey Lucido, Mike Branson, Jackson Fowler, Ben Berberich, Tucker Andrews, Brandon Dipprey, Seth Hill, Paul Weston, Bobby Monday, Scott Askins, Andy Harris, Pat Milbery, Christian Luque, Even Erickson, Avery, Erickson, Brandon VanDyke, Jeremy VanDyke, Matt Nighbert, Aj Wix, Garrett Mckenzie, Louie Arrigoni, Mitch Schmidt.



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  1. AlGore
    AlGore says:

    With how incredible the riding has become, you’d think that the videos would progress a little too.

    RobotFood videos were the right stuff. Everything else has just been figurative porn.

  2. JP Walker
    JP Walker says:

    I hope to God that this is the comeback of Pat Milbery. Yobeat’s comment section hasn’t had its usual flair.

  3. Dickpringle
    Dickpringle says:

    Pat Milberry – he’s kinda like your creepy uncle who has no children or wife but enjoys hanging out at the playground with a bag of candy. Doin it for the children or doin the children who knows.

  4. Check this out
    Check this out says:

    Classic BS Colorado video… coupla brands no one has ever heard of…. coupla dudes no one has heard of…. and then there is Milbury…. Don’t miss this one folks. Video of the year

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