Yobeat: My Hood – Mike Ravelson

Love him or hate him, it’s hard not to admire Rav’s creativity and originality.
Film: Matt Roberge, Jon Stark, Colton Morgan, Eli Olson, Mia Lambson

Edit: Mia Lambson

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  1. Samuel Jackson
    Samuel Jackson says:

    Pretty hard to hate on a dude who does whatever the fuck he wants and has an awesome time doing it. Fuck ya Rav!

  2. Luv myke rahv
    Luv myke rahv says:

    Won tyme mike rav tride to do a beer bong. Kara jorge tride to poop in the beer bomg. Poop no go down easy. Dave agan had too push poop throo with a long stik. Wen it came out the other side, rav sed “that no beer, that kara poop”

  3. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    I think it’s funny rav actually let the haters get to him, are you insecure about your snowboarding, mike?

  4. pu$$y
    pu$$y says:

    u all sound like a bunch of faggots trying to decipher the hate of rav. u either like his shit or u dont, trying to come up with a creative/funny yobeat comment behind a gay username iz lame. u fagz. go rav.

  5. woahhhhhh
    woahhhhhh says:

    Woah, probably one of the best edits I’ve ever seen. This felt like a piece of art, not just another hood edit. Well done Mia, your a true artist

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