Yoga is probably the best workout trend ever. It has blessed society with its contribution of Lululemon and yoga pants. Also, thanks to @jenselter, women have become empowered and encouraged to Instagram photos of themselves down dogging it up. This trend has managed to seep its way into my mainly snowboard feed with many of today’s top women riders posting their best #yogaflow grams. Here are some of the cream of the crop from my feed…


After seeing her revealing ESPN cover, the first thing I did was check out Jamie Anderson Instagram. Immediately I realized that I had been blowing it for years by not following her. #sideboob


Not nearly as scandalous as Jamie, Christy is generally more clothed but using your imagination is half the fun. Right?


We all need to thank the Vikings for only taking babes home with them after pillaging Europe. They’re responsible for creating the gene poll that gave us Silje.


Not to many yoga photos from Helen, however she did make a video on YouTube of some of her favorite positions. Hondo, you should check it out.


Nothing but yoga, hiking, boarding and selfies. No complaints here.

Feel like we missed someone? Have an account you think the Catfish should check out? Leave it in the comments below. 

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