The Hawaiian shirt used to be a staple look for every American dad. Throw a straw hat, cargo shorts and sandals in the mix and they’ve unlock maximum summer comfort. A perfect outfit for grilling some stakes or embarrassing your kids at the local pool. However the ever fashion forward, Jed Anderson and Nick Trepasso, dawned this classic leisure wear a few years back inspiring every young rider to do the same.

This week we face off two young riders who pillaged their father’s wardrobe before heading to the mountain. First up is 14 year-old, Joey Leon, a young East Coaster with terrible #musicsupervision and a deep bag of tricks. His challenger is 15 year-old, Conner Felix, a Canadian with a love for Juicy J and great presses. Cast your vote to decide who’s a better rider or who has the better Hawaiian shirt.

The Yobeat People’s Court is brought to you by iNi. The winner of this week’s battle will take home a “Homeslice Hat” and “Camp Jacket.”

ini_PCprize_1   Want to be part of the People’s Court? Submit your edit to [email protected] This contest is open to any amateur snowboarder. You can be sponsored, just not getting paid, son.

10 replies
  1. WillSteller
    WillSteller says:

    Maggie is big, black and has a huge weiner. Joey is white, has moobs and poops too much.

  2. Sheen
    Sheen says:

    Damn everyone who rides whistler is so hood. Livin in the Canadian trap with all their healthcare and lack of guns. I still voted for Conner, but I feel like people should start being more creative and not just follow the footyfiend edit recipe. #BreadonWheeler2.0

  3. Jargs
    Jargs says:

    joey’s part was funnier and had a better vibe but conner’s part was techier and more boring…joey for the win!!

  4. YUNGmoneyTURD
    YUNGmoneyTURD says:

    joey’s edit only looked good in black and white. When the color got turned on, it’s like his style disappeared.

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