Logan Herber Park Edit 13/14

Even in the summer, the Troll edits keep rolling out.

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  1. comger
    comger says:

    Oh wow boardslide pretzel 270 out on a troll rail, its not like we’ve seen that trick before…

    STEVE THE CAT says:

    tht board is way too small kind of ruined the edit, but the back board /frontboard change up thru the triple dink was tight

  3. kittenpuncher
    kittenpuncher says:

    I am going to punch the next kid in their little bitch face that throws up the duckface peace selfie like some kid in a bronze t-shirt.

  4. BOnE$QUAd_Al
    BOnE$QUAd_Al says:

    I rode troll once this year and met Logan. He’s a cool dude and he goes hard. It’s funny how many tricks he could do on that mini just messing around.

  5. dipsnow
    dipsnow says:

    This was dope. Super entertaining….proper style. doing tricks well makes the biggest difference.

  6. logan's real friend
    logan's real friend says:

    all those shots with him riding a little board were from gaper day when they were just messing around filming an edit. he normally rides and regularly sized board!

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