Danny Kass Cans Grenade CEO Joseph Conderelli, Finally.

Dear awesome sports community,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the exciting changes coming up for Grenade Inc. First, I would like to thank you for all of your support throughout the years, I am grateful for every door that you have opened up for me in my life and career. In 2001, my brother and I set out on a radical mission: we wanted to create a new clothing and gloves brand that was out-of-the box and not like every other lame brand that we had to work for as teenagers. Not because we didn’t respect the successful brands out there that had done so much for our respective sports, but because we wanted to push the boundaries and create a line where you would never hear the phrase “no we can’t do that”.

I am proud to say that there is an incredible new era of Grenade that will be blossoming in front of your eyes – soon you will start to see the new brand direction emerge on the worldwide web as well as at storefronts of our amazing retail partners. When we started this business I never wanted to be the sole owner of the company, because I truly believe it was built with a family, the Grenade Army, and very close friends that shared a common goal as simple as this – tosnowboard and skate as much as possible, and travel enough to one day get barreled or hang 10. So as of June 17th, Joseph Condorelli has been let go from his acting role of CEO, and we have completed a full redemption of any and all shares in Grenade Inc. At this stage I am not looking for a “respected business man” to fill the big title as lead of the company. This is our brand, it belongs to our family, so moving forward I will be taking the active role as leader of the company, to bring it back to its roots and return Grenade to the brand that everyone knows it can be.

We have made a lot of mistakes throughout the years, and with a team of some of the best people in the industry we will be fixing and improving in all departments from everything we have learned. I am dedicating my time to ensure this happens, and am really excited to share with you our dedication to board sports and love for all things wild and crazy that Grenade was founded on.

We all know our industry is in a delicate state and times have been harder on some more than others. Fortunately for Grenade we have a well-built KAT (kick ass team) of passionate people that know the industry and our mission. I hope one day you all can join the family at Grenade Inc., but for now I’d like to introduce you to our new upper management team . . .

I’m willing to answer any questions and comments you may have, so please email me at the link below. We are excited to answer and learn from any feed back – even if its just a “heck yeah dude”. And also just to clarify, as a preemptive strike on what many of you may be thinking right now, Yes!! we will be delivering on schedule!

It’s an honor to have worked with so many great friends, athletes, and industry leaders over the years, and looking forward to many more!

Thanks awesome industry.

Thanks friends.

Thanks Matt.

Yours truly,
General of the Grenade Army,
Daniel Scott Kass

Viva la grenade!!

Let the revolution begin
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[email protected]

  • Filmerd

    That Matt Kass hump day tho…

    • poopsticks

      but boznuts had the best hump day of all time….of all time!

  • Okay

    Interested to see where the brand goes from here. With the right team (riders and employees) and proper direction, this could work.

  • kittenpuncher

    “Co-founder and emperor of grenade” …whack.

  • HaterMcBaiter

    Fuck Grenade, Fuck Zumiez, Fuck the Dingo. Humphreys is cool, Fuck Danny..

    • Satan

      Pretty sure NEFF stole Tim Humphreys’s soul so that he would wear that stupid fucking cheeseburger jacket

  • Angie Maurer

    So many internet high fives.

  • Hash Singing Slasher

    Grenade still exists…?

  • Burritosandsnow

    A challenge even Tedore would balk at. Good luck to ’em. They have a lot of work to do.

  • Don

    About Damn time that Ass hat got dumped.

  • ab

    good work dan. keep it small, keep it right.


    God I hope they rebrand, dump Metal Mullisha, and this works out for them. I used to love Grenade and it hurt watching their slow decline from ruling the snowboard world to seeing UFC fighters wearing Grenade shorts

    • Chamowski

      Even if they rebrand they still suck, the whole story behind Grenade with lame CEO’s and brothers fighting makes me hate Grenade.

      Another reason they suck is that Grenade is like DC; A decent core brand that sold out to mall shops and now every fuck tard who thinks they are cool has a Grenade and DC sticker on their car, regardless if they even skate or snowboard.
      Shit is weak.

  • Dirtydean

    I grew up being best friends with Joseph conderelli’s son. Took him to meadows once and he gave me some pants, jacket, and gloves for free. But he had anger issues during little kid soccer/football and could totally be a dickhole sometimes.

  • Steve the cat

    Grenade needs to start dropping some videos. And Danny KAss needs to do more back 3s

  • give grenade to goober!

  • Duhlaka


  • keep your dreams