Windell’s Session 3 Recap Video

Session 3 went off with some serious contest boarding during The Feeders. Lib Tech handed out a ton of gear on campus and shook things up on hill with one of the craziest rail jams camp has seen in a while. While campers slayed the jump our own counselor Max Lyons rode consistently into 1st place, earning himself a spot in the Downtown Throwdown this fall!

Featured Riders: Steph Sue Feld, Jake Schiable, Jeff Hopkins, AJ Lawson, Will Dennis, Jake Rose, Mike Gray, Jeff Deforge, Stefan Krumm, Justin Norman, Trevor Tollefson, Jesse Paul, Brian Pracht, Matt Chase, Max Lyons, Joe Sexton, Nick Visconti, Max Tokunaga, Joe Sexton, Kelly Underwood, Kelsey Boyer, Chris Frost and Reid Smith

Edited by Ian Macy
Filmed by Ian Macy, Brian Nero, Nate Blomquist and Sam Trefaller


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  1. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    Attn Matt Chase-I am literally angry after watching you snowboard. Your style and attitude suck. I hope you hit your head on a rail and die. #gofuckyourself

    • NameDropper
      NameDropper says:

      1. That’s pretty shitty of you to hope a fellow snowboarder dies. 2. KC KYLE jealousy is a bad look on you. 3. You probably suck at snowboarding so every week you come on here and preach hate. 4. Keep up the good work.

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