Jamie Anderson Takes it off for ESPN


It’s that time of year again – the ESPN body issue is coming out! That means one of your favorite celebrity boarders will be posing in the buff. (Never forget.) And this year, it’s Ms. Jamie Anderson baring all, and on the cover no less. The actual issue comes out July 11th and we’ll probably milk some more boob traffic when it does so stay tuned.

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  1. Samuel Jackson
    Samuel Jackson says:

    This shot went so far beyond photoshop that she actually looks like she has some sort of serious body deformity

  2. Chas Truslow
    Chas Truslow says:

    Can we all agree that Tara Dakides in FHM is the best “boarder babe” photoshoot of all time?


      I’m with the catfish on this one, I still have that FHM from the US Open back in the day. Pretty sure the pages are all stuck together though

  3. mild hal
    mild hal says:

    girl looks like a fuckin toothpick with a cherry tomato on top. holy fuck her head is diesel .

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