Snocial: Designers Who Snowboard

Aside from rappers and members of the Mexican drug cartel my favorite Instagram accounts to follow are designers. Here are a few of my favorite designers who also happen to snowboard. Hit em with a follow and class up your feed.


A must follow for any snowboarder interested in art or design, Big Mike aka Zeach Man, first made a name for himself with his genius blog Harsh Zeach to Scorpion. Now he works in the art department of Surfer Magazine, freelances for Dinosaurs Will Die, and expands upon his Zeach Man character.


Portland designer/illustrator, Dave Banks, is best known for his designs over at Salmon Snowboards, which includes the graphics for The Villian. His account is filled with tons of work in progress sketches/designs as well as lots of snowboarding photos. #creepsaretight


Another Portland based designer, Craig Wheat, has done work for Mishka, Videograss, Adidas and Real. His cleaver and often funny illustrations mix together everyone’s favorite interests of snowboarding, skateboarding, pizza, bongs, skulls and weapons.


The art director at Snowboarder Magazine, David knows what’s up when it comes to snowboarding and design.


Idaho designer/illustrator, Russell Cosgrove, has done work for Ride Snowboards, Dakine and King Snow Magazine. Although his Instagram account isn’t always the most up to date, when he does post it’s always an automatic like.


The mastermind behind the Burton Knowbuddy graphics, Ty Modz, has some of the coolest lettering and illustrations on Instagram. His account is chock full of eye catching designs and fascinating works in progress.

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  1. st. hoe
    st. hoe says:

    Ty modz can draw but he sure is a conceited fuck. While riding in the park at cannonsburg, i heard him loudly talk shit about numerous people as they rode, one of them being my friends. Then he did a few soggy front lips and went inside. Vibing people out hard.

    • upstatemike.
      upstatemike. says:

      that’s cool, did you ever think maybe your friends are worthy of having shit talked about them? shit talking doesn’t make you conceited, and if it does, then you are a conceited fuck because you are shit talking as well.

      Ty is the man and is incredibly talented. He’s done some work for me and has nailed it 100% of the time. Rad to see him mentioned on here!

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