Day in the Life: Max Lyons

P: Erik Hoffman

Alright here’s the schedule of daily life for me

6:30 AM: Wake up and go grab a binder with tickets in it from my manager, as well as a cup of coffee which I drink as fast as I can to get caffeinated quicker. Then I wake the campers up to Drake and make them get ready to ride.

8:30 AM: After breakfast we pile 9 counselors into a single minivan and listen to aggressive rap on the drive to the mountain.


P: Erik Hoffman

9:30-2PM: Enjoy snowboarding on the funnest park on hood. I’ve been having the most fun on the top rope tow, riding all the plazas they have set up which is almost like snowboarding in a skatepark. They’ve got a super sick DFD right now and an elbow that’s incredibly fun. The 70 foot jump is so on point right now too, I’ve had so much fun floating some mellow spins over it.


P: Erik Hoffman

2:10 PM: Pile 9 soggy, smelly counselors back into the minivan and race to DQ for some blizzards before our daily duties on campus start.


P: Erik Hoffman

4:00 PM: Daily yoga session to stretch out and relax. I think yoga is really relaxing for all the staff, and most of the campers seem to enjoy it too. Also for campers it’s a great excuse to look at some girls butts, so they’re always pretty stoked for that.


P: Erik Hoffman

6:00 PM: Time to run some “Camp Activities” Normally I’ll help run some games of knockout and skate races for some prizes. My favorite activity to run is ‘dizzy bat wiggle sticks’, which is when campers spin around a baseball bat for 30 seconds and they have to rip stick around a course and make it to the end first. That ones always good because for the first minute kids can’t even stand up they’re so dizzy. After running some camper activities it’s dinner time.

8:00 PM: After dinner I get the job of running the dry slope airbag which might be the wildest things I’ve ever seen. Most of the time it’s 12 year old skiers barely able to ski who try to send it off the jump and do backflips into the airbag. Every camper that I’ve seen hit it had been able to do some gnarly backflips into it, and a couple of kids were learning cork 7s into it, so it must be working. If no kids show up I just switch the generator off and let it deflate.


P: Erik Hoffman

9:00 PM: Best part of the day, cabin dodgeball. It’s basically a form of stress relief because I get to throw dodgeballs as hard as I can at kids, which is sick. After I throw my arm out or we lose, I skate until 10.

11:00 PM: After trying to calm my campers down who are always hopped up on grilled cheeses and Mountain Dew, I go to bed.


P: Erik Hoffman

Find Max and all kinds of elegant selfies at @Blaxmyons

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    keepin' it shorn says:

    good ish you two…Max when you spin in the forward direction you should probably buckle up. And erik you should probably take a pic of that

    just sayin

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