High Cascade Session 1 2014: The Edit

The High Cascade film crew hasn’t slept in days. But their suffering is our reward, cause if this first edit is any indication, we’re in for a summer of video gold.

Edited by: Jon Stark
Filmed by: Jon Stark, Matt, Roberge, Colton Morgan, Eli Olson, Derek Combs, Jeremy Thornburg, Rj McNichols, Mia Lambson.

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  1. Real talk randy
    Real talk randy says:

    I’m not trying to compare this edit to the windells session 1 recap, because it’s not a contest, but this video really makes me wanna go to high cascade. I hope stark edits every recap, he’s like the autistic kids who make those dragon ball z montages on youtube, pure magic and amazing

  2. Jerm
    Jerm says:

    Hey Spencer, the Flying Wallendas called. They want their tight rope back. They said they will trade a scooter of equal or greater value for it.

  3. Rommel
    Rommel says:

    Its such a shame that the park staff are cunts. They are so rude and up their own ass. The place is like a Nazi concentration camp, I’m pretty sure they have a gas chamber in there somewhere… They are like the Gestapo on cocaine.

    THIS JUST IN says:

    Summer camps no longer fascinating or interesting, actually just a bunch of rich kids jerking each other off and media minds harvesting defenseless ams talent……………..Except John Stark. He can do whatever he wants. Keep doing it better, John Stark.

  5. bingo
    bingo says:

    so are there campers at high cascade anymore? The park looks pretty empty. They must all be down in Govy parading around in their new neon hoodies talking about water polo.

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