Windells Session 2 Recap

Session 2 is a wrap folks, and the week was nothing short of amazing. Thanks to the help of our Session 2 Team Takeover sponsors, Newschoolers and Keep the Change, everyone was able to make the most out of the gorgeous weather and excellent conditions.

Keep the Change was out in full force bringing a heavy line up of riders including Riley Nickerson, Mark Wilson, Ian Hart, Derek Lever, Johnny Brady, and Tommy Gesme. Everyone has been talking about their new teaser for Homage, and this week Mt.Hood got a live show of their movie-worthy style.

As to be expected, the Windells Digger crew, powered by Destoy Labs, put together another creative and progressive park. Serving up a variety of rail features, jumps and tranny features, the diggers got a serious amount of praise for their hard work yet again.

With July right around the corner, it seems the sun will be sticking around for good. Nothing like sunshine and summer snow to accompany the “funnest” place on earth. Everyone on Mt.Hood is looking forward to good weather and good vibes for Sesson 3!

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  1. FRN
    FRN says:

    Riley Nickerson plays the ultimate cool guy. Which we all know we hate those dudes. Fuck Riley Nickerson (FRN)

    THIS JUST IN says:

    Summer camps no longer fascinating or interesting, actually just a bunch of rich kids jerking each other off and media minds harvesting defenseless ams talent

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